Citicards Payment Online

Citicards are cards worth having around when you are in a bind. In fact they are good to have around period! Citicards payment online is a modern and wonderful form of technology and is an excellent manner for paying your monthly balance off in full or paying it in installments.

Let’s be honest- we are all looking for convenience in our day-to-to-day lives. We are also looking for ways to make our lives simpler. Not only do we do this in terms of our financial matters but also when it comes to our credit. Right there along with convenience is the ease that comes with being able to pay bills at home right from your own computer or being able to pay them from the computer at our workplaces. Convenience is something we require from our busy lifestyles.

Computers are practically a household item today. They have taken their spot of importance right next to other household necessities such as refrigerators and microwave ovens. Computers plus the Internet make it possible for the Citicards payment online service to operate as efficiently and as succinctly as it does.

Make Citicards Payment Online

The Citibank Company understands this about its cardholders. That is why the online system is excellent for those who have lives that keep them busy from morning until night. If you decide that you wish to pay your bill in this fashion then you will be well on the road to making your life even simpler.

  • Registering and signing up at the Citibank website, found on the their web at is simple and takes very little time at all.
  • Make sure you read everything over carefully as you fill out the necessary information.
  • Before you put the form through by clicking the submit button make sure that all of your information is correct and error free.
  • If it isn’t then you will be told and will have to correct the errors. You then must agree to the conditions and terms before you can continue any further.

Even if you decide to use the Citicards payment online service you will continue to be sent a paper statement through the mail. You will also receive a statement that will be sent to your e-mail in-box. Between the two bills you should have all of the information you require. You can then use the online system to check your balance and/or your transactions. Whenever the need arises you can check either the paper bill or the electronic bill to find out what you need to know.

Other Citicards Benefits and Features

Protect your account against unexpected loss of income with PaymentAid. Citcards will credit your account an amount equal to the minimum payment due as shown on your billing statement if your income is interrupted due to:

  • Job Loss
  • Short-term disability
  • Hospitalization
  • Family Leave
  • Military reserve or Guard call to duty

Auto Rental Insurance

You’re automatically covered when you reserve and rent a vehicle with your Citi® card and decline the car rental company’s collision loss / damage waiver insurance.

Travel Notification

Before you travel, log onto your account and inform Citi of your travel plans and receive more services

Providing Citi with your detailed travel plans:

  • Helps you avoid account disruptions when you use your card while away from home
  • Helps Citi to better protect your credit card account against unauthorized charges
  • Provides you with a confidential reference number to use as an additional verification if you need to contact us when you travel

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