Merchant Credit Cards – Good or Bad?

As a business owner you may wonder whether merchant credit cards are a good idea for your business or not. They are a very good idea for every merchant who wants to make sales. If you decide to accept credit cards in your business then this will lead to a greater number of sales and a much improved cash flow.

Today more and more people prefer the use of plastic over cash. According to the Business Know-How website, the average consumer possesses anywhere from four to eight credit cards. These include bank credit cards, retail cards, charge cards and gas cards. Carrying around a lot of cash can be risky. There is the risk of losing money or having it stolen.  You could also end up carrying around a wallet with a lot of change which can get very heavy very fast.  Using cash all of the time also means that you may end up making more trips to the bank machine than you would like to. The trend in consumer credit card spending offers plenty of opportunities for those who have their own businesses.

Credit cards are easy and compact to tote with you. As well they do not take up a lot of room and you have a grace period before you have to pay off your purchases. When you use plastic there is convenience that cash does not allow for. Paying for purchases with cash when you shop online is not easy to do while paying with plastic is as simple as one-two-three.

Many Benefits of Merchant Credit Cards

There are many reasons why merchant credit cards are a good idea for any enterprising entrepreneur. Let us look at the benefits now.

1. When you accept merchant credit cards for your business you can double the sales you currently have, and in some cases you can even triple them. Studies have borne out the truth of this. When merchant credit cards are used the volume of sales will increase, practically overnight.

2. If you are looking for a means of making your business more legitimate than allowing plastic as a form of payment can do that for you. When a credit card logo is displayed at your place of business or on your website then this instills trust in customers because well-known credit cards have established reputations and this is something that makes customers who are interested in purchasing products from you feel at ease. This is what you want and it will encourage more and more business to frequent your storefront.

3. As a merchant you are always paying attention to your cash flow. When you add credit cards to your accepted forms of payment this has an incredibly positive effect upon the cash flow for your company.  The payments will be sent immediately to your business bank account. This means you will not have to send out invoices to customers asking for payment and you will not have to sit around waiting for days and sometimes weeks for checks from customers to clear. When you use merchant credit cards the money from the sales flows in your direction almost instantaneously.

4. Did you know that 90 percent of all products that are purchased online are purchased with credit cards? For web purchases it is the easiest and most convenient means of payment. For you as a merchant it is also the safest means of getting paid in a timely fashion. If you presently are selling your merchandise online but do not accept plastic as payment then you are shortchanging your business terribly. In fact you are keeping away 90 percent of those who might seriously consider buying from you otherwise. Do not kid yourself, when it comes to buying items online, customers care about the payment methods available. If they want a payment method that is not offered at your site then they will take their business elsewhere.

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