Credit Reports

When you apply for any type of credit a potential lender will check to see what your credit score is. The better it is the more likely you will be approved for the credit you are seeking. The worse it is the more likely it is you will be turned down. What exactly is a credit score?

A credit score is a number found in your credit report that gives an indication to creditors and lenders about how you handle debt and the likelihood that you will pay back the debt in a timely fashion. Your credit score is based upon the borrowing behavior that you have exhibited in the past. A high score makes you look more favorable in the eyes of a prospective borrower than does a low score. If your past borrowing habits demonstrate that you are responsible with your use of credit and pay your bills as you are supposed to then you are more likely to receive the green light for credit.

Your credit score is used every time you apply for credit. When you apply for a credit card or a line of credit at your bank it is looked at. When you apply for a loan to purchase a car or a home it is looked at. When you wish to obtain a business loan to start a company or expand your current business it is looked at. The same can be said if you wish to obtain a loan to attend college.

Below we have listed some resources to help you find more detailed information for your needs.

Re-establishing Credit with Secured Credit Cards

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For those with poor credit it can be difficult to be approved for new forms of credit. It can feel like you are trying to get out from under a mountain when you try to re-establish yourself in the credit world. However getting new credit is an important element of rebuilding a credit score that [...]

3 Ways to Get a Free Credit Report

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A credit report is an important document that will be used by those you wish to obtain credit from. If you wish to apply for a vehicle loan, a personal loan, a credit card or a mortgage your credit report will be checked by the lender. The contents of it will play a big role [...]

10 Reasons to Switch to Credit Union Credit Cards

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If you feel that you  are paying higher and higher fees (and more and more fees) to your credit card company then  be proactive and apply for a credit card through a credit union. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions that are owned by the members. Most credit unions are run by members who are [...]

10 Ways to Repair Your Credit

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When it comes to your credit the better it is the easier it will be for you to obtain new credit such as loans, credit cards and a mortgage. The worse it is the more challenging will that be for you. Having poor credit is something that can remain on your credit report for many [...]

Building Your Credit Score Without a Credit Card

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Many people ask us for advice on how to build their credit score without applying for a credit card.  Most of these individuals are young and just beginning to develop and understanding of how important your credit score can be now-a-days.  Many are surprised to learn that their credit can effect being considered for employment [...]

How Credit Card Repayments Affect Your Credit Score

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Have you ever wondered how the credit reporting companies derive your credit score?  Well, the answer, unfortunately, is not that simple.  But, as with anything, knowledge is power, and the more information you have, the better equipped you will be to effect positive change to your credit score. No matter what your credit score may [...]