Singapore Cards

Singapore credit cards can come in handy for everything from travel to shopping to eating out in restaurants. The credit cards in this country are useful in so many ways! In Singapore there are credit cards that are issued by both banks as well as non-banking financial establishments. What is worth knowing for the citizens of Singapore is that applying for a credit card is relatively easy and basic. What can be difficult is resisting the temptation to apply for a variety of cards. Due to the easy process of it all often the desire to apply for more than one kind is quite strong.

Singapore Credit Cards Options

The banks in the country of Singapore offer both Visa as well as MasterCard. The credit cards of a non-banking nature include American Express, JCB and the Diners Club, among others. Singapore credit cards from banks are easier to come by if you go through account holding banks. Often obtaining a credit card through a non-account holding bank is more difficult, tedious, and in many causes not at all necessary.

Credit cards in the country of Singapore come with their share of benefits. Some cards have more benefits than others. The benefits may vary from one category to another, depending upon which card you are interested in. They can also vary from one company to another. Many of the Singapore credit cards offer a waiver of annual fees, free insurance and points that accumulate on every purchase that is made.

Two of the factors that play a role in the variety of credit cards offered in Singapore include flexibility and their convenience of usage. In Singapore women tend to be drawn towards the promotional aspect of debit cards while men on the other hand are drawn to the economic aspect of the cards that they can apply for.

Professional men who are married like to use credit cards because they are convenient. Males who are elderly also like credit cards for this reason. The same can be said for males who are in the higher income bracket. In Singapore the ownership of a credit card (or more than one credit card) is directly proportional to a person’s income, as well as their education, their age group and their marital status.

Singapore Credit Cards Choices

The most renowned banks in Singapore offer a plethora of credit cards to those interested in applying for them. The Singapore credit cards that are the most popular include those distributed by

  • Citibank
  • HSCBank
  • DBS Bank Limited
  • Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd. (OCBC Ltd.)
  • United Overseas Bank Limited.

Each of these banks offers more than one credit card to their customers. To use an example, the Singapore credit cards found at Citibank include Citi Platinum Visa, Citi Platinum MasterCard, Citi Clear Platinum card, Citi TANGS Platinum Visa card and Citibank Paragon Platinum MasterCard. He re we have provided of Singapore Credit Cards for you to consider.

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