America Bank Credit Card Payment

American Bank has been under the same local ownership for over 40 years.  This Texas-based bank offers all the same services and support as the larger bank while keeping to the small business mentality of providing outstanding customer support.

As an independent bank, the owners know that for this bank to survive the challenges of the economy they have to provide innovative banking solutions demanded by consumers.  One of these is by making it possible for an America Bank credit card payment to be made directly from the bank’s website.

With the Check Card, you would enjoy credit card benefits because of the MasterCard logo but also have the ability to enjoy ATM services.  Because of this, you can use the card at any retailer, restaurant, or other business establishment that accepts MasterCard but then if you need cash, you could visit any ATM machine and take out the amount needed as long as funds were available.

To make sure any America Bank credit card payment is processed safely, this bank has worked hard to keep transactions 100% safe and secure.  In fact, the bank’s owners have written a Consumer Privacy Disclosure, along with Online Privacy Practices and Security and Browser Information to educate consumers.  With this, people interested in making an America Bank credit card payment online can read the information and understand specific measures in place to keep the process secure.

One of the things that make America Bank different is that the approach taken to privacy is unlike what you would find with other banks.  This bank promises that information taken when an America Bank credit card payment is made online that no information will ever be sold.  In addition, the bank will never share information with anyone outside of the bank family and even within the bank, only personnel needing the information would have access to it.

While information is collected, it is also carefully protected.  Unfortunately, some banks and credit unions will gather personal and financial information from people making online payments and then share or sell it.  When this happens, you would end up with a mailbox and email full of offers for credit cards, free checking accounts, and other financial services.

Knowing your information is safe makes it easier to make an America Bank credit card payment online.  Keep in mind that the payment could be made via the internet whether the primary checking and/or savings account is with America Bank or some other financial institution.  However, if you decide to make the payment using the phone system and you go through a live person, chances are you would be charged a small fee for handling the call and transaction.

Of course, along with being able to make an America Bank credit card payment online, this bank offers a full line of online banking services.  For instance, you could check account balances, transfer money from a savings account to checking, and vice versa, request account statements, looking at movement within an account for any given period, and much more.

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