Store Credit Cards

There are many retailers that offer their own store credit cards. These cards can be used in person when visiting the store’s physical location as well as at the retailer’s website. There are benefits that go along with opening a store credit card. Many stores offer incentives to customers who open new cards such as a percentage off of their first purchase. Other popular benefits include savings on small as well as big ticket items and the opportunity to defer payments on large items.

At one time store credit cards were not considered the wisest option for those seeking credit. While consumers can receive 10 percent off the first purchase on the credit card the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on many of these cards was high and there were few benefits. As well the card could only be used at that one particular store.

Today store credit cards are viewed in a much more positive light and have much to offer consumers. They are a new breed all together. Many of these retail charge cards offer frequent promotions and reward programs. Some are also co-branded with the larger payment networks such as MasterCard and Visa and can be used practically anywhere.

Before you apply for a store credit card make sure you understand the terms of the card such as the interest rate and whether or not there is an annual fee charged. All of this information is important to your choice of which card to apply for.

Look below to find a list of resources to help you in finding the right store credit card to fit your needs.

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