Contacting Your Credit Card Company

You receive your credit card statement, look it over and discover that there is a problem. You need to call the company to dispute a purchase. Or maybe you would like to ask to have your interest rate lowered or your credit limit raised. Whatever the reason, you should not hesitate to contact your credit card company if you need something. That is why credit card companies have customer service departments- to attend to the needs of all of their customers.

If an occasion arises where you need to get in touch with your credit card company you should check your statement for the appropriate telephone number. Some companies will provide different numbers for different things, such as a number for credit problems, a number if you suspect fraud and a number for address changes. Still other companies have only one number and once you call the number you listen to the menu of choices and push the button for the department that you want.

How to Contact your Credit Card Company

When you call place a call to your credit card company you will be connected with the customer service department (also sometimes referred to as the credit card services department or the customer care department). This department is in place to take care of all of the needs you may have regarding your card. You can discuss purchases you have made with a customer service representative, or you can ask for a lower interest rate or you can inquire about making a balance transfer. Whatever your problem or issue is this is the department that you need to get in touch with.

If you know how to contact your credit card company and you can easily negotiate your way through their automated menu and find the option that you require, then this can make your dealings with your credit card provider all that much easier and pleasant. This improves the level of service they can provide to you as well.

What your Credit Card Company Can Do for You

There are times when due to life circumstances you realize that you will have to make a payment late on your credit card. You may try to do everything you can to avoid this but sometimes the situation turns out to be unavoidable. When this is something you know in advance don’t just go ahead and make the payment late. Instead call your company and let them know that your payment will be late and why it will be late.

If you actually talk to a person about the late payment and put it in human terms then they may be understanding to your plight and may work with you to find an appropriate solution. They may offer you a small grace period or may come up with another option that will not affect your credit and will prevent you from having to pay a late charge.

If you do find that you have been charged a late fee, even if you called in advance and explained the situation then take the time to call the customer card services department and ask them if they will remove the charge. You may have to tell your story all over again to a new person but it will be worth it if they agree to remove the fee from your account. If this is not something you make it a habit of and you are a loyal customer then the company may have no problem with helping you out in this manner.

The same can be said if you go over your limit on your card and are charged an over limit fee as a result of it. If you do not do this often then place a call to your credit card provider and see what they can do about it. If you are able to go right away and pay enough money to lower your balance to bring it well under your limit then the company may kindly remove the over limit charge.

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Joan A Bietz, Myron A Bietz June 22, 2012 at 2:20 pm

Thank you for acknowledging restoration of our EFT (AutoPay) plan for xxxxxxxxxxxx0666 and bank acct. number ending in 0817. Your acknowledgment reads “Your Minimum Amount Due.” We’d prefer restoration to our prior plan which debited our account each month for the full amount due. Thank you.

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