Credit Card Payments With Breeze Mobile Banking

Whenever you consider new online and/or mobile banking products, services, or technologies, it would be imperative to choose a bank that has a strong reputation for excellence.  Today, if you were to scour the internet, you would be shocked by the number new things being launched, although not all are created equal.  This is not to say that some financial institutions are being dishonest, just that many do not consider the needs of the customers as priority.

You work hard for your money and as such, you deserve the best.  In fact, as the consumer, you have both the right and responsibility to conduct your own unbiased research and to decide the bank in which you would entrust your money.  Obviously, the goal is to make sure your money is protected but beyond that, to choose a bank that offers products and services that would offer true value.  Standard Chartered Bank is one that ranks high, known for its long history of being a customer’s bank.

Over the years, Standard Chartered Bank has introduced a number of exciting products and services but favoring individuality over following trends, the bank has even outdone itself with the recent launch of Chartered Breeze.  This mobile banking platform was developed to run on the iPhone application, which will soon follow to work on the iPad.  As you are about to learn from the feature highlights, Breeze is without doubt one of the most exciting developments for Standard Chartered Bank, but the online and mobile banking industry as a whole.

The primary feature of Chartered Breeze is the ability to transaction and pay bills included Credit Card Payments With Breeze Mobile Banking.  Now, while other mobile banking platforms offer similar products, Breeze is a one-of-a-kind solution, being the first check payment system via mobile banking in the entire world.  The fact that Standard Chartered Bank was the financial institution to come up with this product is not surprising.  Keep in mind that the E-Cheque, also referred to as E-Check is just one of the many unique features associated with Chartered Breeze mobile banking platform.

As mentioned, Chartered Breeze also offers the more conventional method of bill pay but even this is riddled with unique characteristics.  For instance, along with paying bills whenever you want and from any place in the world with internet connection, this feature boasts an ATM locator.  Okay, most other applications provide a feature such as this but with Chartered Breeze from Standard Chartered Bank, not only would you be able to locate ATM locations and bank branches, but also AXS machines.

Then for safety, in traditional Standard Chartered Bank style, your personal and financial information is secured in a unique fashion.  Rather than have only a log on identification and password, this platform has a second, temporary password system.  This means that when you want to log onto the bank to gain access to your account, regardless of reason, this action would prompt another password to be sent to your iPhone via SMS.

You would then be required to gain access to the bank , using the log on ID and the original password you set up, you would be required to enter the second temporary password.  Once inside the site using the Chartered Breeze platform, that password would become void.  As you can see, the Breeze mobile banking solution offered through Standard Chartered Bank provides you with 100% confidence knowing you are choosing this type of service from one of the most responsible banks online.  Then for the platform itself, it is loaded with everything you need for mobile banking and then some.

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