Amex India Credit Card Payment Online

If you have an Amex India credit card and enjoy the benefits of it then it is about time you started enjoying the benefits of paying your bill over the Internet. The Amex India credit card payment online facility is quick, convenient and very efficient. Not only will you be able to pay your credit card bill in this manner but you will also be able to manage every aspect of your credit card this way. The electronic payment system is the busy person’s key to guaranteeing that their bill is always paid on time!

American Express India (or as it is sometimes called, Amex India) is a component of the National Electronic Funds transfer (NEFT) network. It is this network that sets up the Amex India credit card payment online service. This service allows payments to be debited from any bank account that is located in the country. Amex credit card payments that are made through the NEFT network do not come with a maximum ceiling or a minimum limit. In order to use this service however your financial institution must be a part of the overall NEFT network.

Making An Amex India Credit Card Payment Online

To use the Amex India credit card payment online system you must first login to the Net Banking facility and register your Amex credit card which is used as a beneficiary. If you do not presently have a Net Banking account you can still use the system for online payments. You should immediately request an NEFT application form and then provide the following pieces of information:

•    Your Amex 16-digit credit card number
•    The name and address of the bank branch you deal with
•    The type of  bank account you have, whether it be a savings account or a current account
•    The account number of your bank account

American Express offers an online payment service in conjunction with ABN Amro, Citibank, ICICI and HDFC. If you wish to use this service to make payments on your Amex India credit card then you first must register to use it. To do this log on to the Net Banking account of whichever one of the four banks you deal with and choose the option labeled “Bill Payment.”

If the Amex India credit card payment online service is not for you at this time then you can pay your bill in person at any American Express branch. There are also Amex drop-off box where you can drop your payment. You also have the option of sending payment by way of postal mail or courier.

No matter which method you choose to pay yourAmex and it credit card payment, you can rest assured that you will be taking care of as a customer of American Express. American Express prides itself on customer service from the moment you apply for a card and throughout your card member status.

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