Bank Credit Cards

Many banks offer credit cards to their customers. Those who have been dealing with the bank for quite some time and who have excellent credit are likely to have an easier time being approved for a card than those who have had credit issues in the past. However even for those with some blemishes on their credit record being approved for a bank credit card is not impossible.

Bank credit cards tend to have some of the lowest interest rates of all credit cards available on the market and they are also very versatile and can be used anywhere you wish to use them. It is important for you to shop around however. Don’t just look at your own bank but visit other banks in your town or city to see what they have to offer you. Look for the best deal possible.

In looking at various bank credit cards you need to find out what the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is as well as the interest rate. You also need to find out if you will be charged an annual fee. Are there late payment fees or other service charges? Are you permitted to carry a balance? The more information you can obtain before you apply for a bank credit card the better. After all you want to choose the credit card that is most suitable to your lifestyle habits.

Look below for a list of resources that can help you further in your search for the right bank credit card.

Citi (Citibank) Clear Credit Card Payment Online

credit card payments

As a Citi (Citibank) Clear credit cardholder you are entitled to a grace period of 25 days from the date of your current statement before you are required to make a payment. If you do not make a payment (even the minimum required payment) on or before the due date then the use of your [...]

Bank Islam Credit Card Payment Online

credit card payments

The Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, also known as BIMB, was Malaysia’s first Islamic Bank recognized mainly for providing financial services to the country’s Muslims along with the larger population as a whole. Bank Islam issues credit cards as well as supplying other services. The Bank issues both Visa and Mastercard, in Classic, Gold and Platinum. [...]

Western Union Credit Card Payment Online

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Best known for its money transfers, Western Union is a US based financial services and communications company with a number of divisions and products, including person-to-person fund transfer, money orders, and other services. They discontinued their telegraphing services in 2006 after providing them for over 150 years. Western Union now operates in more than 240 [...]

Washington Mutual Credit Card Payment Online

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In 2008, Washington Mutual was acquired by JPMorgan Chase in a $1.9 billion transaction. The transition for Washington Mutual customers has been fairly hassle free. Most card holders should have been notified in writing of the account transfers. Those who attempt to visit the Washington Mutual website will be promptly redirected to where they [...]

Wells Fargo Credit Card Payment Online

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Having a Wells Fargo credit card can be essential when you find yourself in a financial tight spot! Being able to pay your monthly bill through the Wells Fargo credit card payment online service can help to save both your time and your energy and can free up some time in your busy schedule to [...]

StanChart Credit Card Payment Online

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If you deal with the Standard Chartered Bank then you may wish to learn more about the StanChart credit card payment online facility. The StanChart credit card payment online service that is offered through the bank is very sophisticated and high tech in its operation. All of the StanChart bank websites run SSL (Secure Socket [...]