Washington Mutual Credit Card Payment Online

In 2008, Washington Mutual was acquired by JPMorgan Chase in a $1.9 billion transaction. The transition for Washington Mutual customers has been fairly hassle free. Most card holders should have been notified in writing of the account transfers. Those who attempt to visit the Washington Mutual website will be promptly redirected to Chase.com where they can check balances, pay bills, and activate alerts.

JPMorgan Chase has attempted to make the transition for former Washington Mutual customers as pain free as possible. To access Chase Online services, users can enter their Washington Mutual user ID and password. By agreeing to the Chase Online service agreement, card holders can conveniently complete their enrollment and proceed to make use of the Chase Online platform. It is also necessary to update profile information, including current address, phone number, and email information. To sign up for Autopay or to schedule ePay, it is also necessary to submit the bank account information from which the payment funds will be withdrawn.

After the requisite information has been supplied, making a Washington Mutual credit card payment online is a reasonably straight forward procedure.

Steps for making a Washington Mutual Credit Card Payment Online ( Chase )

  • The first step is logging in to the Chase Online account, then simply choose to “Make or Schedule a Card Payment” from the “Payments and Transfers” tab.
  • Select the account or card you wish to make a payment on, then elect the date you wish the payment to take effect.
  • Make sure to specify the amount you want to be paid as well.
  • Click “next” in order to verify all the pertinent details and once you agree to the terms and conditions of the online payment, select “Make Payment” to confirm the exchange.

When you enroll in Chase Online, you also have the opportunity to register for paperless statements, which is a wonderful environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional paper copies you receive via mail on a monthly basis. It also provides you with a secure way to access up to six years of records without the inconvenience of file cabinets and stacks of unwieldy paper waste. In addition, you have the added benefit of signing up for Chase mobile, which grants you the ability to get text updates regarding your account balances.

So you can not only make your Washington Mutual credit card payment online, you can also submit your payment from virtually anywhere through your mobile phone. Paying bills and transferring funds while you’re on the move has never been easier. This is a convenient and free alternative available to former Washington Mutual customers, who have suddenly found themselves to be Chase customers, accessing a bounty of benefits that will prove useful in today’s fast paced world.

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