Citi (Citibank) Clear Credit Card Payment Online

As a Citi (Citibank) Clear credit cardholder you are entitled to a grace period of 25 days from the date of your current statement before you are required to make a payment. If you do not make a payment (even the minimum required payment) on or before the due date then the use of your card will be suspended temporarily. Once your payment has been made then the suspension will be lifted one work day after the payment has been processed by the company.

Choosing to use Citi (Citibank) Clear credit card payment online takes the hassle out of paying by other methods. It also paves the way for automatic monthly repayment opportunities. If you wish to make payments on your Citi Clear Card then you can do this by using the Inbound Funds Transfer (IFT). All you need is to have a checking or savings account from a nominated financial institution.

Make a Citi (Citibank) Clear Credit Card Payment Online

  • When it comes to setting up this type of online account you first need to download the application form and fill out the required information.
  • You then need to provide your banking information as well as your credit card information.
  • Once the form is all filled out mail it to the address that is provided on the form.

Additional Citi (Citibank) Clear Credit Card  Payments service lets you:

  •     Settle your bills for merchants including Citibank Guam credit cards, telecom, utilities and many more
  •     Setup standing orders
  •     Maintain your personal payee list

Some of the features associated with the Citi (Citibank) Clear credit card payment online inbound funds transfer service are mentioned here. It costs $10 for a minimum amount of funds transfer. The maximum amount for a funds transfer is $20,000. It takes three days for the payment processing period to take place. If charged an insufficient funds amount you will pay $25. One of the most appealing aspects of this service is that it is free of charge.

There is also the Interbank Giro Service. Cardholders can use this service to set up monthly settlements of their bank accounts. As long as you have a savings or checking account through Citibank or another bank you can use this convenient online service. To learn more about the Interbank Giro service visit the Citibank website.

If you are not ready to embrace technology and want to stick with the tried and true methods then that is fine. Once you are ready to try the new digital way of making payments you can do that. In the mean time cardholders can take the conventional route and can make payment through an AXS station. If they prefer they can drop a check in the mail to the Citibank office. Still another option is to use one of the 24-hour Citi Clear card banking centers.

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