Bank Of America Credit Card Payment

While there are a number of excellent banks that offer credit cards, one of the top rated is Bank of America.  This bank has a solid reputation for offering great products, services, and support.  In fact, the Bank of America has implemented a number of services to make working with their credit card easier and more convenient.  When looking at the different cards offered by this bank, you want to determine the process for making a Bank of America credit card payment.

Bank Of America Credit Card Payment Options

Typically, you would have four different methods for making a Bank of America credit card payment to include drop off, by phone, via regular mail, and on the internet.

  • If you want, you could visit any local Bank of America location and pay the credit card payment inside the lobby or through the ATM machine or depository.  In fact, you could make a Bank of America credit card payment through any location, whether local or in another state.
  • The second option for making a Bank of America credit card payment is by calling it in.  Whether you have your checking and/or saving account with this particular bank or somewhere else, the money could be paid.  When calling, you would have the opportunity to talk to a live person or you could use the automated system provided if wanted.  When calling in and using a live person, you might be charged a fee but usually, the automated system is free.
  • The third method for making a Bank of America credit card payment is to mail it in.  Since you would receive a monthly statement from the bank each month specific to the credit card, you would have the chance to look for charges and once you agree with the statement, you would simply write a check or get a money order/cashier’s check, which would then be mailed in with the tear-off portion of the statement.

One of the more popular payment methods is to go online and use the services provided by the Bank of America’s website.

Bank Of America Credit Card Payment Online

The process is not just quick and easy but also safe.  This way, you can create an online account and then handle all credit card payments via the computer and internet.  With the website, you would also be able to look at statements, make funds transfers, and handle other banking needs.

One of the benefits of making a Bank of America credit card payment online is that as soon as you enter the amount and hit the submit button, the payment is made quickly.  Keep in mind that sometimes, it can take a day or two before the account balance and available limit updates but the actual payment would be made in virtually real time.

  • Pay your credit card bill online.
  • View account activity—with up-to-the-minute credit card account information.
  • Receive email alerts for notification that your credit card payment is due, a payment has posted, and more.
  • Review credit card statements for up to 12 months.
  • Request paperless statements securely online, and you’ll enjoy easy organization of your account statements, reduce the possibility of mail fraud or identity theft, and help the environment.
  • Use the ShopSafe® service to set up a temporary account number for shopping online safely without exposing your real credit card number.
  • Access other self-service features such as:
    • Request a credit line increase
    • Transfer a balance
    • Request a PIN
    • Add an authorized user
    • Change your Passcode and contact information, and more.

You can also make a card payment even if a checking and/or savings account are with a different bank or credit union.  In this case, the payment would go through as an electronic funds transfer, which can take up to 24 hours to process from the time the submit button is pressed.  As you can see, you have several options for making a payment so all you need to do is choose the one that works best for you and your needs

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Janet Perschau June 22, 2012 at 3:11 pm

I want to get to pay my credit card and when I get on there I can never get to the home page to pay. It comes up with banking on line and everything else, but to pay the credit card. Iused to be able to go to the home page and I would have to enter my user name and password and that would be it. Now it comes up with all the other things. What do I enter to get to the home page?

Janet Perschau June 22, 2012 at 3:13 pm

This what it came up with and all I want to do is pay my credit card and get off again.

Janet Perschau June 22, 2012 at 3:15 pm

I told you in the first comment where i wanteed to go and if you can’t tell me how to get there then forget.

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