Homebase Credit Card Payment Online

Founded in 1981, Homebase is the UK’s second biggest home improvement retailer, boasting a product offering of more than 30,000 items that span the  decorating, garden and home goods categories. They also offer an increasing number of their merchandise through their online catalog. Serving more than 7 million customers, Homebase even provides home delivery of some of their larger, high ticket items.

The Homebase credit card offers cardholders the option to buy now and pay later. How much later depends on the amount spent by the customer at the Homebase store. Spending over £195 in store will give the cardholder 3 months, while spending more than £500 will allow the customer 6 months to pay off the balance. Buying more than £100 online means paying 3 months later and spending over £195, 6 months. Paying the balance in full before the allotted time has expired will relieve the customer of any accrued interest, however spreading the cost over a longer span of time will incur interest charges starting from the original date of purchase.

Approved credit card applicants will receive a voucher for £60 good at Homebase stores when their credit cards arrive. Benefits of the card include exclusive offers and discounts not available to the general public. Also, there are also no annual fees or deposits required. The application process is fairly simple and can be conducted either in person, at the store, or over the telephone. Phone applications take a little longer to process.

Can you make a Homebase Credit Card Payment Online

While Homebase does offer some flexibility for paying off the credit card balance, don’t expect to find information on how to make your Homebase credit card payment online. It is safe and easy to pay for your purchases using the Homebase online checkout, but you can only make payments on your Homebase credit card by using Direct Debit, sending a check through the post, or by making a cash or check payment at your bank or building society.

Making your Homebase credit card payment online would be a convenient option for many, unfortunately it is not a alternative currently offered to members. Still, the card itself is a good choice for many Homebase customers, particularly those who can take advantage of the “Buy Now Pay Later” system without accruing the interest, by eliminating the balance on the card before the allotted time has expired. While Homebase has a wide range of products and services, they only deliver to mainland UK and Northern Ireland, so overseas customers cannot place orders unless the delivery is to be made to mainland UK or Northern Ireland.

Each month you will receive a statement in the post, as long as you are using your account on a regular basis. Otherwise you will receive statements at least once a year.You can make a payment to your HOMEBASE card either by Direct Debit, a cheque through the post or by cash or cheque at your bank or building society.

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