Dillards Credit Card Payment Online

Dillards department store and its online venue have so much to offer the lady who wants to be as well dressed as possible. That does not only include clothing but also footwear and accessories such as handbags. But Dillards does not stop there. It also sells styles for life for men and children as well. If you do not presently have a credit card from Dillards then you are missing out!

The speediest way to pay your Dillards card once you have one is to use the Dillards credit card payment online system. You can log into your account whenever you wish. To make a payment click on the box that says “Make a Payment Online”. The company allows its customers to make one e-payment daily and two for every billing cycle.

When you first receive your Dillards card you need to activate it. Once you do that then you can start making purchases on the card. You can then apply to pay your bill over the Internet using the Dillards credit card payment online service.

In order to activate your credit card in the first place you need to provide some necessary information. This information includes your account number, a three digit security code, your date of birth (DOB), your mother’s maiden name and/or a pass code. You also need to provide your e-mail address, and the last four digits of your social security number.

How to make a Dillards Credit Card Payment Online

  • You can log into Dillards Credit Card here.
  • In order to register for and use the Dillards credit card payment online service you must have a checking account. A savings account will not do. Neither will any other type of bank account.
  • To start the account you require the name of your bank, the routing number for your bank and your checking account number.
  • If you like you can set up payments in advance to come out of your account for a period of time up to three months (90 days). All you need to do is to submit a payment request and then you will be provided with a confirmation number that can be used for future reference.
  • When you make a Dillards credit card payment online you are not permitted to make payments that are more than the balance showing in your account.
  • You are permitted to make smaller payments if you so choose. For example, you can make the minimum due payment if that is all you can afford at the present time. If you wanted to you could pay the balance on your last statement. This balance would not include your latest transactions and it would not show the finance charges.

Dillards Credit Card Rewards and Benefits Programs

Dillards credit card rewards program is essentially a point-based program that allows cardholders to earn Dillards shopping passes and discounts that can be used for 10% off of a full days store purchases. Additionally Dillards American Express cardmembers earn two points for every dollar spent at Dillards department stores. Cardholders also earn two points for every dollar spent at grocery stores and gas stations.

Dealers credit cards offer a program where cardmembers can reach Elite Member status. after Dillards credit card holders reach $2000 per year in net purchases, they are elevated to Elite status. This brings with it a number of additional entitlements and benefits for cardmembers.  Included with these benefits are,

  • Unlimited free standard shipping at Dillards.com
  • Unlimited free gift wrapping at Dillard’s
  • Monthly Elite-only Bonus Point Offers
  • Invitations to Private Shopping Event
  • Priority Elite Customer Service Line
  • Plus, Elite Cardmembers who spend $5,000 or more annually will receive an Elite escape! Choose from three amazing travel, spa or golf package

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