Credit Card Bill Payment: Pay in Full and Save

Most people who have credit cards want to pay their balances off in full each and every month. They then can begin a new month fresh and with a clean credit card slate. Do you realize that when it comes to your credit card bill payment that if you pay in full and save that this helps you both today but also in the future? This means you are saving interest charges and that can add up to plenty of savings that you can put towards other more useful things in your life.

Missing a credit card payment will not only affect your credit rating but it will cause you to be saddled with a late fee. The longer it takes you to make the payment the heftier the fee could end up being. This is tantamount to a credit card nightmare! When it comes to credit card bill payment: pay in full and save is always the best policy. Here we offer some helpful tips to make sure you do just that.

Always know the date on which your credit card is due on a monthly basis. Some credit cards have the same due date every month while others have dates that differ by a few days every month. When you get your statement in the mail make note of the date on your calendar or in your daily planner. The same can be said if you receive your statement online. If you mail in your payment then send a check at least two weeks in advance. This will prevent any delays in payment processing.

Think of the payment date for your credit card as a separate date from the day that the actual payment is due to be received by the credit card company. Even if you pay through your bank or by way of the Internet do not leave your payment until the last minute. Even with the best of intentions you may have to contend with a late fee that could easily have been avoided!

When it comes to your credit card bill payment: pay in full and save is excellent financial advice. In this way your credit rating will not be diminished or tarnished in any way and you will not have to pay interest charges. It is always wise to never charge more on your credit card then you can pay off in full every month. Do not be tempted to make a purchase (especially an expensive purchase!) at random or you will regret it later on. Most of the time impulse shopping can be avoided by staying away from shopping venues when the urge to splurge strikes!

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June e Rudkin June 23, 2012 at 1:39 pm

when shall I receive my Paper invoice for payment

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