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Update for your Advanta Credit Card Payment Online

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Life is getting more and more convenient thanks to the advent of the Internet. As online services become more widespread and more accessible so does technology become more convenient and easier to use for everyone involved. If you had an Advanta card then all that was required to make your Advanta credit card payment online was a checking account or a savings account. You could also schedule your payments to come out of your account on a specific day. The fact that the online service was 24/7 and around the clock meant that it was accessible all of the time and therefore easy to manage.

It is important to mention that Advanta credit cards were discontinued on May 30, 2009. However these cards offered features that made them advantageous to many card holders. In particular those who ran small businesses benefitted from the use of these credit cards because they were rewarded for the investments that were made on business supplies. These cards offered a very a competitive interest rate as well as low minimum payments.

The Advanta credit card payment online facility was efficient and very safe. It also had other features that made its online service so convenient and valuable to its customers. Account information management was easy to do at the site as was accessing your monthly statements. Obtaining e-mail versions of statements was particularly beneficial for those who are away from home frequently, such as those who travelled a lot.

Checking your account summary online would provide you with plenty of information that you needed to know in regards to your account. This included such things as the due date for your payments, your present balance, how much credit you had available, when your last payment was made and the amount that was paid.

But that was not all. The Advanta credit card payment online service made it possible for you to download in a variety of file formats a detailed expense management report. You could also cancel a scheduled payment before it went through if you so wished to do so. Receiving a rewards point exchange on online catalogs was another significant feature of the online system.

Speaking of canceling a scheduled payment, to do this online users could visit the area marked “Make a Payment.” From there they would click on “View Pending/Past Payments.” This would bring up a list of all of the payments that were scheduled. The user could click on the relevant payment and then select it. From there they could click “Cancel” and the scheduled payment transaction would be promptly canceled.

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