Star Credit Card Payment Online

Being able to pay bills over the web means that more of your day can be spent on important aspects of your life and less on the necessities of life such as bill maintenance. The Star credit card payment online system makes it possible for cardholders to pay a variety of their bills directly through the Star bill payment biller’s website. Or if they prefer, customers can pay over the telephone by talking to a live agent, by way of a kiosk or through a voice response unit (VRU). Payments can either be made on a one time basis or can be set up to be recurrent payments.

If you are a merchant then the Star credit card payment online service can work in your favor. With the Star system of online transactions, by default merchants are covered against any fraud worries. This is the case because thorough checks are done before a Star credit card is issued. Using the Star online service, merchants can expand the services they offer to customers, increase their revenue channels and increase their customer retention.

Make a Star Credit Card Payment Online

  • If you are a customer of Star and decide that you would like to add billers to your Star account then login to your Star account and click on the tab that reads “Add a Bill.”
  • That is really all there is to it.
  • Once you have entered all of the required information then your Star credit card payment online service will be set up and ready to use.
  • If you want to verify that a biller has been added then go to the screen marked “Payment Center” and double-check to make sure that the new biller has been included.

If you have any questions, whether upon first registering for the online service at Star or afterwards then do not be shy. Pick up the phone and dial the toll-free number listed at the Star website to speak with a representative of the company. This should only take a minute but will provide you with the answers you need to feel confident about using the Star credit card service.

Choosing to do away with paper-based bill payments and ACH and switching to the online system is beneficial for both the Star Company as well as its cardholders. This means that there is less overhead to worry about which means that transaction fees can be lower. It also means that customers and merchants alike are offered a whole new way to make their payments. It opens up a new channel which is always a good thing.

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