Macys Credit Card Payment Online

The Macys store is not just great for seasonal shopping but is an excellent store to shop in all year round! Macy’s credit card is a Visa card. There are four different types of Macy’s Visa cards. The four types include Macy’s Red Star Rewards Visa, Macy’s Gold Star Rewards Visa, Macy’s Platinum Star Rewards Visa and Macy’s Elite Star Rewards Visa. Macy’s credit cards are all maintained by the Department Store National Bank.

Making a Macys credit card payment online

Making a Macys credit card payment online is easy to do if you wish to pay your bill that way. You can use Macy’s Quick Pay. This is the faster way to make a payment. Your payment will be processed in 48 hours or less.

Another way to pay your bill is through the Checkfree service.

  • You first need to enroll with the Checkfree service provider.
  • Once the enrollment is completed and has been verified you can decide how much money you wish to pay and on what date you want the payment to be withdrawn from your account.
  • You can schedule payments in such a way that this gets repeated every month. Checkfree sends out statements through e-mail as opposed to sending paper statements in the regular mail.
  • You can also visit the website to print out a copy of your Macys credit card payment online whenever you want a hard copy for your records.

If you prefer not to make your payments over the Internet then you can make your payments over the telephone. When you call you must provide the representative with your checking account number as well as your routing number. While the online payment service does not charge a fee, the telephone service does. You can also go into any Macy’s store and make your payment in person if you so wish to.

When you make a Macys credit card payment online it is so very important that you make safety and security a top priority. Always take the necessary precautionary steps to ensure that you are on the correct website and that everything is as it should be. Always verify the spelling of the website address before you enter all of your personal information to do a financial transaction. There are many fraudulent websites on the net and scam artists are getting more sophisticated and smarter all of the time. Also check the authenticity of the website. Make sure that the site you are on starts with the symbol ‘https//’ and not just ‘http.’ The letter “s” is your guarantee of security and authenticity.

When it comes to customers Macy’s is all about ease and convenience. That’s why Macys offers  a variety of ways for you to pay your statement each month – one is certain to fit your lifestyle.

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