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Founded in 1865, HSBC was originally the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. Currently it is considered the largest banking company in the world, with considerable loan, investment, and insurance dealings across the globe. Providing personal finance assistance to over 100 million customers worldwide, HSBC offers a wide array of services ranging from savings and checking accounts to home mortgages and car loans, not to mention insurance, credit cards, and investments.

By taking advantage of HSBC’s personal internet banking, users can conveniently access all of their personal account information from the relative comfort of their computer keyboard. It is easy to take note of account balances and scrutinize spending habits. Money can readily be transferred to others from your HSBC account as well. It is even possible to make an HSBC card payment online.

Making A HSBC Card Payment Online

Making a single HSBC card payment online, requires users to sign in for internet banking access.

  • From the “Make a Payment” box, users will elect the “Pay my bill” function.
  • If you haven’t enrolled for online bill pay already, you will need to do so now. You will then have to elect to make a  “one time payment”, this will be your payment type.
  • After that you will have to supply the payment date and amount to be paid, before finally clicking to submit.
  • One time payment incur no fees, however you must initiate them every time. Ensure the payment is entered before 8 pm of the due date listed on your monthly statement in order to avoid costly late fees.
  • If you are unsure weather or not the payment has been credited to your account balance, you can opt to confirm by looking at the payment status box on the Payments page.
  • Recurring payments are just as simple to set up, simply make “recurring payments” your payment type rather than the “one time payment“ option.
  • You can schedule a recurring payment 12 months in advance if you choose to for no extra fees.

When you make your HSBC card payment online, you are not only taking advantage of the system’s convenience and security, you are also choosing the most environmentally friendly option. Your direct internet payment saves you the cost of postage, not to mention eliminating a redundancy of wasted paper products.

The security HSBC provides users is unmatched as well. HSBC uses advanced methods of security and only supports browsers incorporating Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.0 or higher. 15 minutes of inactivity on any of their secured web pages will automatically be terminated to prevent viewing by third parties which would compromise account integrity.

These security measures ensure that your HSBC account information is always kept private, it makes internet banking a convenient and cost effective option for anyone with access to the internet and a basic understanding of the process.

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RAMESH KUMAR RASTOGI September 24, 2011 at 6:43 am

want to make hsbc credit card payment

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