Capital One Credit Card Payment Online

If you are one of the many customers that Capital One has then using the Capital One credit card payment online system instead of writing a check can save you time, energy and effort. By paying your bill online you can simplify the payment process tremendously. There is no concern over your check arriving late or getting lost in the mail. Your payment will also be credited to your account a great deal faster.

Just because you already have a Capital One credit card does not automatically mean that you are granted the permission to make your payments through their online system. You need to register to pay your monthly bill in this manner. You must have had your Capital One card long enough for it be activated in order to register for the Capital One credit card payment online service.

How to Make a Capital One Credit Card Payment Online

The registration process is very simple. You need to have certain information at your disposal to complete the process.

  • This information includes your credit card account number, the expiration date for your credit card (month and year), the security code for your credit card which is located on the back of your card and the maiden name of your mother (if you are the primary card holder).
  • You may wonder why you need to provide your mother’s maiden name when you register. It may seem an unusual request for this purpose. It is a safeguard measure that ensures the credit card company that the individual who is registering for access to the online system is the actual cardholder and not someone else. It is therefore for your protection.
  • Be aware that not every card that is issued by Capital One is eligible for the Capital One credit card payment online service. However the most popular and common cards such as the No Hassles Miles Rewards credit card is indeed eligible.
  • When it comes time to make your Capital One payment online it will be taken directly from your bank account. You will need to add your banking information to your online registration manually. Basically all you need is your bank account number and your bank’s routing number.

Just because you are sending a payment electronically does not mean that the payment will be taken out of your account immediately. It could take up to a couple of business days to post to your account. In the mean time if you check the online system it will show that your payment is pending. Here is a list of the kinds of cards you can manage with the system

  • All Capital One credit cards
  • Small Business lines of credit
  • Small Business Administration lines of credit
  • Small Business credit cards
  • Small Business corporate cards

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