Universal Credit Card Payment Online

The Universal credit card is associated with AT&T.  Using the online services offered by this company, you have the opportunity to look at transactions being made on the account, fees being charged, spending, and you can even make a Universal credit card payment online.

Make a Universal Credit Card Payment Online

  • Now, the first step before you can make a Universal credit card payment online is that you have to go to AT&T’s website and register.
  • Through this process, you would select a user identification or ID, and password that would be used going forward anytime you wanted to look at the account activity or make additional payments.
  • While the registration process does not much take time, you would be required to follow specific steps to complete it.
  • For instance, to register with AT&T so you can make a Universal credit card payment online, you would need to provide the actual credit card number, the account information for that particular card, then choose the identification or screen name and password so you have control over who can log in.  Keep in mind, for AT&T both the identification and password are case sensitive.  Then, you would need to answer two random security questions generated by the system, add the card you will be managing online, and from there, verify and authorize the registration process.
  • After you have completed the registration process, you would be able to log into the website and look at your account from home, work, a hotel room, again anywhere with a computer and internet connection.
  • However, if you have a mobile phone with wireless internet connection, you can make a Universal credit card payment online or check account information that way, as well.
  • One of the benefits for this AT&T credit card is that if you want, you can set up a schedule so the Universal credit card payment online goes through on the same day of the month every month.
  •   All you would need to do is determine the amount you want to pay and make sure the date coordinates with deposits into your checking account.  Typically, this would be used for cards with larger balances in that smaller balances would likely be paid off at the end of each month.

Because the Sears card is backed and issued by Citibank, the AT&T website must follow the privacy policy set up by Citibank.  In this case, you would have the ability to limit who could access your account, thus keeping your personal and financial information private and secure.  For this, you need to determine what you want from the policy in that a number of options exist.

Additional Universal Credit Card Benefits

  • As you go through with the registration process and before you make a Universal credit card payment online, you could look over the different levels of protection and privacy offered.
  • For instance, you could limit disclosure of your information to non-affiliated third parties, limit sharing only for affiliates of Citigroup, or you could limit the information to only marketing affiliates of Citibank.
  • Best of all, from the online site, payments can be made whenever you want and from virtually anywhere in the world.  All you need to complete the payment is a computer and connection to the internet.

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