AT&T Universal Card Online Bill Payment

If you have an AT&T credit card and are use to sending checks into the company every month or paying your bill in person then you may wonder if there is a better way to pay your credit card bill when it is due. The answer is yes, there is a better way. That way is the AT&T credit card payment online service that the AT&T Company offers its cardholders.

The virtual system is fast, efficient, convenient and very safe. Everyone has their concerns about private information over the net and they should. When you use the online service provided by AT&T your mind is put at ease because the service is extremely secure. In fact top notch security protection is the company’s number one concern with its online facility. Among other benefits you can,

Why Should You Use AT&T Universal Card Online Bill Payment System

  • View your account summary, current or past statements, unbilled activity and more.
  • Pay your bills online.
  • Get statements online only with Paperless Statements.
  • Choose to receive customized account alerts via email.

Now you can stay up-to-date on all the latest products, promotions and services AT&T Universal Card has just by providing your email address. Select which specific email categories you’re interested in and AT&T will send you messages on those subjects only. AT&T will also use this email address to contact you about your account. As always, you canbe assured your personal information will be kept private and secure with our privacy policy.

The AT&T credit card website is under the control and careful monitoring of VeriSign services which offers maximum security for all payments made online. The website boosts a valid SSL certificate and is administered by what is known as the Citibank Privacy Policy. What this policy states is that your personal (non-public) information is only accessible to certain relevant parties and not anyone in general. This should provide you some peace of mind when using the AT&T credit card payment online system.

There are many benefits to having an AT&T credit card. Not only can you pay your monthly AT&T credit card bill through the online system but you can also set up recurring payments for your utility bills that are due on a monthly basis. When you make online payments with your AT&T card you can save up to 10 percent in the first year and up to five percent after that time. You can make multiple payments all at once and will receive comprehensive statements on all of your transactions. The AT&T credit card payment online system has so much to offer all who decide to give it a try!

As an online user you will receive one “Thank You” reward point on every dollar you spend on non-AT&T utility bills up to 50,000 points on a yearly basis. Using the online system means that you save money buying envelopes and stamps. The AT&T Company has a zero liability when it comes to any unauthorized transactions or charges that show up on your card. That is sure to put your mind to rest.

To learn more about  AT& T Universal card online bill payment visit the AT&T website .

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