Citibank Platinum Credit Card Payment Online

The Citibank Platinum credit card is different than the regular Citibank card. The Platinum card is meant for those individuals who have credit ratings that could only be described as good. The platinum card is offered to cardholders of Citibank in association with the American Express Company as well as Mastercard.

Citibank Platinum Credit Card Benefits

Having a Citibank Platinum card comes with many exciting features.

  • One of these is the ability to pay your bill for your credit purchases online.
  • This system is known as Citibank Platinum credit card payment online.
  • Anyone who has this Citibank credit card owes it to themselves to learn everything possible about using such a system over the web.
  • The Citi Platinum Card Mastercard has many things to offer would-be customers. It comes with a zero percent annual percentage rate (APR) on both purchases as well as balance transfers.
  • The zero percent lasts for a maximum of one year’s time. It begins as soon as the account is first opened.
  • Please note that the decision regarding how long the zero percent period will last has to do with the individual’s history of credit.
  • There is zero liability on this card. This means that if your card should fall into the hands of a thief or another unscrupulous individual then as the cardholder you are not liable for any of the unauthorized charges made on the card. It stands to reason however that the sooner you report the loss of your card the better.
  • As if the Citibank Platinum credit card was not enough, you also get extra cash in terms of discounts. These discounts can be used on various merchandise, as well as movie tickets and travel. There is also an extended warranty on the credit card. Every item purchased by using the Citibank Platinum credit card is subject to an extended warranty.
  • Travel assistance and travel accident insurance are also a part of the package that is the Citi Platinum Card Mastercard. Emergency assistance while you travel, such as legal counseling is free of charge. As well, travel accident insurance will be offered to you. When you first open your account inquire about coverage details at that time.
  • Rewards go hand in hand with the Citi Platinum American Express Card. You receive airport lounge access which means that regardless of which airline you are flying with, the VIP lounge is accessible to you. Concierge service is eligible to Citi Platinum American Express cardholders and can be found practically at every foreign location the world over.

To learn more about the Citibank Platinum credit card payment online service visit the Citibank website . The same is true if you want to learn more about the Citi Platinum card in general. Being a Citi credit card customer is about more than having credit. It means having access to resources and tools that can simplify and secure your finances.

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