Sams Club Credit Card Payment Online

If your schedule is as busy as most people’s then finding ways to simplify it is probably high on your priority list. Time management is all about finding ways to manage your time as wisely as possible. If you have a Sams Club card then one way to make your life easier is to switch from sending a monthly check in the mail to using the Sams Club credit card payment online system.

Make a Sams Club Credit Card Payment Online

The online payment system as far as Sams Club credit cards are concerned is governed by the GEMB Privacy Policy. The purpose for this is to ensure that maximum security is used when it comes to information that is not meant for public viewing. As a customer of Sams Club both your personal information as well as your credit card account information is only given out to those who need it in accordance with Sams Club products and services.

When you decide to use the Sams Club credit card payment online system it is very simple to put into effect.

  • To start, login to the Sams Club website
  • Once there, scroll down to the bottom half of the page and look for a section that reads “Sams Club Features.”
  • Once you see it click on “Credit Cards.”
  • You will then be directed to a new login page.
  • Look for the area marked “Sams Club Credit Account Access.”
  • The next step in the online procedure is to choose the type of credit card you have and type in your user ID.
  • You are not required to type in your password at this time. The reason for this is to provide you with an extra modicum of security.
  • It is not until you reach a new window that you need to type in your password.
  • The reason for this is to reduce the risk that phishing will take place.
  • If you are new to the Sams Club credit card payment online service and this is your first time using it then you will need to click on the link that reads “Register Here” and follow the instructions from there.
  • You will be required to type in your Sams Club account number. From there you will need to validate all of the information you have provided at the site.

You will also have to choose an appropriate level of security and a security image. Your final step is to submit the information on the web form to activate your online account. Once that is done you will be all set up for online access to your account. That is really all there is to it!

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deerdra kelley February 6, 2012 at 6:15 am

Is it possible to review recent purchases made with my Advantage Member Credit Card on line?

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