Aeon Credit Card Bill Payment

Aeon Credit Service Co. Ltd is a financial services company that issues credit cards to consumers. Aeon is one of the leading providers of credit cards in Japan. The company has subsidiaries throughout many areas of Asia. These include Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand. Across Asia the Aeon Company has more than 20 million card holders. As an Aeon customer you can apply for either a MasterCard or a Visa, whichever is most suitable for your lifestyle.

At the present, it is not possible to make an Aeon Credit Card bill payment through the Aeon website. However there are other convenient ways to make your payments to Aeon.

When it comes time to pay your Aeon bill you can go in person into any Aeon Credit Service branch and pay your bill at the counter. Another option is visit a shopping complex that has an Aeon Counter Service Center and pay it there. Make sure you have your account number with you at the time. Still another option is to pay your credit card bill at an authorized bank merchants. Examples of these include Onking Electrical Outlets, Kim Guan Outlets, Senheng Electrical Outlets and Best Point Electrical Outlets. Do not let it get you down that you cannot make your Aeon Malaysia credit card payment online. For now explore all of your other options for doing so.

Despite the fact that making payments over the Internet is presently not possible as an Aeon cardholder, the credit service does offer enrollment to its Internet services provider which is known as AEONet Online Services. If you wish to gain access to this service then you must first fill out the online registration form. This form requires some personal details from you such as your card number (or agreement number), your contact phone number and your passport number. You must agree to the terms of the website as well as the conditions and the privacy policy before you will be approved as a user at the site.

When you have an Aeon Malaysia credit card you are charged a government proposed annual service tax of RM50. This is for all Aeon principal credit cards as well as all Aeon charge cards. While it is not possible to waive the service tax, it is permissible for cardholders to use their redeemable points to pay for this charge. Be aware that the annual fee is charged by the financial company and is a separate charge from the service tax. The service tax is enforced by the government. If payments are not made towards the service tax then the card will go into overdue status.

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