UOB Credit Card Payment Online

Just as with other credit cards, if you want to make a UOB credit card payment online, you can.  UOB, which is the acronym for the “United Overseas Bank”, provides cardholders with access to the website and payment center so personal banking can be processed and managed online.  Of course, along with making payments online, the UOB website is loaded with a number of different services all relating to banking, credit cards, and other financial needs.

Regardless of the type of credit card you have from this particular bank, you can still make payments online.  For instance, the cards that UOB offers include the Lady’s Card, JCB Card, Lady’s Platinum Card, MasterCard Gold Classic Card, and the Visa Gold Smart Classic Card.  While each card comes with a number of benefits and competitive rates, the cards are also unique.

Now, if you decide to go with a Principal Credit Card from UOB, not only could you make the UOB credit card payment online but you could also sign up to receive a unique service called UniAlerts.  With this, an alert would be sent out to you via email or mobile phone for a variety of situations.  For instance, you would be notified when the bill needs to be paid, with the alert providing you with a full week’s advance notice.  You would also receive an alert that verifies the bank received the payment you made.

Step by Step UOB Credit Card Payment

Now, if you want to enjoy the convenience of making a UOB credit card payment online, you would first need to go to the bank’s website and choose the eBanking option, and then provide your logon.  If you have not yet created a logon, you would visit the same site and go through the registration process.  This process is very easy and all you need to do is follow prompts provided by the bank’s system.

  • After registering and logging on, you would need to click on the icon that says, “Bill Payments”.
  • This will guide you to another page where you would click on the “Bill Payment Arrangements”.
  • To make the UOB credit card payment online for your current statement, click on the “New Bill” button and from the drop down menu, choose the card being paid on.
  • Be sure to have your monthly statement handy since at this point you would need to enter the reference number associated with that bill.
  • Next, you would go to the drop down list and choose the account from which the money would be debited to pay the UOB credit card payment online.  Then, you choose the dollar amount that you want to pay.
  • Now, one important note specific to this bank’s website is that unlike other financial sites, the system sets up the current date as the payment date by default.  Therefore, if you want to schedule the payment date out, you would need to make sure the appropriate date is showing.

Once all the information has been entered, to complete the process of making a UOB credit card payment online, you simply click on the “Pay” button.  The payment will be processed within seconds and when done, you would be directed to a new online screen, which provides confirmation of the payment being successful.  If you like, you can save that page or print it from the site to keep as your copy of proof payment was made.

Other UOB Credit Card Payment Options

UOB Payment Advantages resources offer  greater flexibility and convenience. You will find useful tips and information on how to manage your finances and stretch your purchasing power with UOB Cards.

Options include taking a break from paying your UOB credit card bill, consolidating your bills into one transaction, receiving cash advances at lower interest rates or simply applying for an installment loan. virtually all of the services that UOB credit cards provide can completed online. of course, should you feel a need for further assistance, contact information is available. We found the UOB site to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

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