AEON Malaysia Credit Card Payment Online

AEON Credit Service Co. Ltd is a financial services company concerned primarily with the issuance of consumer credit cards. It is considered one of the leading providers in Japan and also has subsidiaries throughout Asia, operating in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Indonesia, boasting more than 20 million card holders across Asia.

AEON offers a variety of Visa and Mastercards to suit different lifestyles. Their Cruize Visa is ideal for those who spend a lot of time on the road. If offers a slew of benefits designed for the traveler in mind, including savings on AAM membership fees, towing service, 24 hour tire puncture aid, and more. Holders of the Cruize Visa will also appreciate the free insurance coverage, which extends to flight travel, personal accident, and snatch theft protection among others. There is also a Cruize card reward program that can be redeemed for shipping, dining, and travel incentives. The Motorcycle Association Visa waives all annual fees and gives rebates on motorcycle insurance premiums.  A percentage of charged purchases are also donated to the Association’s charitable activities, along with the education funds they provide.

AEON Malaysia Credit Card Payments

Although it is not possible to make an AEON Malaysia credit card payment online through the AEON site itself, there are several other convenient methods for applying funds toward your outstanding balance.

  • You can, of course, walk in to any of the AEON Credit Service branches and make your payment directly at the counter.
  • You can also go to any AEON Counter Service Centers at local shopping complexes.
  • Authorized Bank Merchants, including Kim Guan Outlets, Onking Electrical Outlets, Best Point Electrical Outlets and Senheng Electrical Outlets.

While making AEON Malaysia credit card payments online is not an option, AEON Credit Services does offer enrollment to AEONet Online Services, their internet services provider.

  1. In order to gain access, card holders will need to fill out their online registration, which require specific personal information including Passport Number, Contact Number, and Card Number or Agreement Number.
  2. Users will need to agree to their user terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy before they are approved.

In addition, AEON Credit Service credit cards do charge a government proposed annual service tax of RM50 for all principal credit and charge cards. This service tax can not be waived, although card holders are encouraged to use their redeemable points to pay for the annual charge. The annual fee, charged by the financial institution is a separate charge from the service tax, which is government enforced. If no payments are made toward the service tax, the card will be put in to an overdue status.

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