How To Make a Credit Card Payment Online

If you recently got your first credit card then before you start using it you need to get your education about how to use it. There are plenty of opportunities to use a credit card offline. The same can be said for online. In today’s world there is convenience and ease in making purchases over the Internet. Learning how to make a credit card payment online is an important tool for your future credit card use.

Here are the basic steps for making a payment with your credit card by way of the Internet:

1.    To start, take a close look at your present credit card statement in order to locate the website address for the creditor. Type the website address into the window of the browser. Once you do that, click Enter or Send on your computer.
2.    Once you reach the website, logging in is your next order of business. To log in you first need to register at the website. When it comes to how to make a payment online, you cannot make one unless you are authorized to do so. You do this by registering at the website.
3.    To register at a website you need to provide some personal information to start your user account. You need to choose a username and a password that you must keep secret. Once you are granted permission to make payments online you can then go ahead and do so. Always write down this information and keep it in a private place that you won’t forget about and no one else will have access to.
4.    Once you have logged into the site in question, scan it to find the section that you go to in order to make a payment. Type in your account number yourself. Click Enter and this should take you directly to the online billing statement.
5.     Once you reach the online statement section choose your method of payment, whether it be Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and in some cases, PayPal. Enter your credit card number and the verification number which is located on the front of your credit card. However for some credit cards this number can be found on the back.
6.    Type in the amount you wish to pay, whether it be your complete balance or a partial amount. You will be asked to verify the amount before you press Enter and the payment is made.
7.    Once the payment is made you will then be provided with a reference number for your records. Keep this safe.

That is all there is to it. These are the steps necessary if you wish to learn how to make a credit card payment online.

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kenn armstrong February 1, 2012 at 11:11 am

attemting to make a DPP payment 1st time on line

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