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Alliance and Leicester is a UK Building Society that was purchased by the Santander Bank group (Banco Santander) in 2008. As with many financial institutions during the Financial Crisis, it found itself in difficulties. Santander, a Spanish based bank that is now one of the largest global players, had a strong position that it used to buy A & L and indeed many other banks.

The British High Court has given approval for the assets of A & L to be transferred to Santander UK. This change, in practice a renaming,  will take effect from the 28 May 2010, according to this press release.

If you would like to pay your credit card bill through the Santander UK credit card payment online system then you can do so. To learn more information about the online facility and the credit card in general visit the website

How to make Santander UK Credit Card Payment Online

All dues from Santander can be paid quickly and easily through the online service. You need to first register at the site. You also need to provide some information about your bank account including account number and the name of your bank account. Your bank account will be added to the Santander UK online system. From there every time you make a credit card payment electronically it will be debited from your designated bank account.

You can choose to set up automatic debits to pay your dues or else you may choose to go to the site and make payments whenever they must be paid. How you wish to make payments is entirely up to you. As well you can choose to pay the full amount of your outstanding balance or you can pay the minimum amount or any amount in between. The Alliance and Leicester credit card payment online service is safe, secure and efficient. It is also easy to negotiate once you start to use it on a regular basis.

Another option for paying your credit card bill to Santander UK, as with the Alliance and Leicester before that, is to pay not through your bank account but through your debit card. To do this you must use the company’s PayBill service. Visit the website to learn more about this.

Santander UK offers two different credit cards to its cardholders. There is the Santander Zero credit card and the Santander credit card. The former comes with no annual fee, a zero percent balance transfer fee, a zero percent foreign exchange fee and a zero percent cash advance fee. The card has a typical 18.9 percent APR which is variable. as with most larger credit card issuers Santander offers current credit card holders special offers and benefits. Here are just a few for the Santander Credit Card

No balance transfer fees1– Exclusively for eligible Santander current account customers.

Pay no balance transfers fees for any transfers made in the first three months from your account being opened. That means on a typical balance transfer of £3,000 you could save up to £90 compared to other UK cards which normally charge 3%.

0% for 6 months on balance transfers and purchases

You pay 0% interest on balance transfers from other credit and store cards, for a full 6 months from the date you open your account. On a £3,000 balance transfer, that could save you up to £3394 in interest payments.
Also if you use your Santander Zero card to make purchases, you won’t pay any interest on them for six months from the date you open your account.

0% foreign exchange fee

You pay 0% on all your foreign exchange transactions. That means when you’re abroad the price you see is the price you pay.

0% cash advance fee

You pay 0% in cash advance fees when you withdraw cash from an ATM in the UK or abroad. Typically other credit cards charge you 3.00%

On the other hand, the Santander credit card has a typical 15.9 percent APR that is variable and does not charge an annual fee. There is zero percent interest for the first 15 months on balance transfers and zero percent interest on purchases for the first three months after opening the account. The foreign exchange fee on this credit card is 2.95 percent. Visit the Santander UK site to learn more about what awaits you with the online facility they offer their customers.

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