Meijer Credit Card Payment Online

Do you have an account with Meijer and you want to know the right steps involved for making a Meijer credit card payment online?  If so, the information provided in this article will make everything clear.  This information is important since the way in which payments for this particular card are processed is unique from what you would expect with other credit cards.

For one thing, when you make a Meijer credit card payment online, you actually pay nothing.  This type of service is 100% free, which is just one benefit.  This particular card comes from GEMB, which is the acronym for GE Money Bank.  With a Meijer credit card, you can make purchases at this store and in fact, sometimes enjoy nice discounts that could be as much as 15%.

Just remember, to make a Meijer credit card payment online, you are using the free service of CheckFree.  This service is designed specifically for online transactions as a means of providing customers with convenience.  After all, the Meijer Company understands that most people work long hours and then have families at home so time is a precious commodity.

Making a Meijer Credit Card Payment Online

Of course, before you can make a Meijer credit card payment online, you first need to secure a card from this company.

  • From there, you would go to the company’s website and register.  At that time, you would have the opportunity to choose an identification or screen name and password.
  • Then each time you go back to this website to look at account movement or to make a payment, you would use that ID and password to gain access to the site.
  • Now, the only time a separate identification would not need to be established is if you are using the CheckFree option to make the Meijer credit card payment online or you purchased an item directly through the internet.
  • In this case, all you would need is the identification or screen name and password that had been used to make previous payments on the account.
  • If you have never made a Meijer credit card payment online before, prior to having authorization you need to provide your banking information.
  • For this, go to the “Enter Bank Account Information” tab on the company’s website and then look for the “Continue” button.
  • Once you press that, you would simply follow the instructions provided, which are extremely easy to do.
  • After registering for the CheckFree payment option, when ready to make your Meijer credit card payment online you need to choose the date you want the payment to hit.
  • If you are unsure of dates, the system provides a drop down list so you can click on a calendar date.  Next, you need to enter the amount of money you want to pay on the account.  From there, you would use your identification and password within the “Use your CheckFree Account” area of the site, followed by logging in.
  • Once you get into the payment page, a new window will open.
  • There, you will see a box that says, “Pay Check”.  Then, go to the “Payment Account” area and to make the Meijer credit card payment online, you would click on the bank from which the money would be debited.  Of course, if you only provided one account, then only that account would be listed.
  • After clicking on the bank, you would follow through the prompts and the payment would be complete.

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