RBS Card Payment Online

The RBS credit card is considered a great choice, which can be used for standard items sold at brick and mortar stores, or items online.  Because the payment facility is open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, you can make the RBS card payment online at any time.  Because of this, the payment solution for this card is convenient, which saves you time and effort.

Keep in mind that to make an RBS card payment online, you would first need to register on the website.  However, the process of making a payment via the internet literally consists of just four easy steps.

Steps to make a RBS Card Payment Online

  • First, you would click on the “Pay Bill” tab found on the top of the screen.
  • Second, you would click on the “Add a New Payment Account” button.
  • Third, you would see the “Add a Payment Account” screen where you would be required to enter the account name, the credit card number, the bank routing number and account number from which money would be taken to pay the RBS card payment online.
  • Fourth, after clicking on the “Submit” button, you would be redirected to the “Make a Payment”.
  • All you need to do is enter the dollar amount you want to pay on the RBS credit card and the date.
  • Then, before you hit the final “Submit” button, double check you have the correct credit card number chosen and that the date and amount are right.

Additional Benefits Fro RBS Card Holders

You will discover that to make an RBS card payment online, you actually have two options.  The first would be to make a payment “Today”, which means as long as the money is processed prior to 5:00 pm EST; it would go on that day’s business.  The second option would be to make a payment using the “Other” option.  In this case, you have the ability to choose the date for when you want the payment to go through.

The great thing about making an RBS credit payment online is that whether you use the “Today” or “Other” option, once the payment transaction has been completed you receive a message of confirmation.  In addition, the payment would be added to the account history, which you would have access to online as well.  Of course, along with the payment showing up online, it would also be reported on the next month’s billing statement.

Now, when choosing the “Today” option for making an RBS credit payment online and that payment is made before 5:00 pm EST, while the payment would show up on the internet account, the money could take up to two days to be debited from your checking account.  On the other hand, if you make the payment but it is processed after 5:00 EST, then the money would likely not be deducted from your checking account for three business days.

One important note about using the internet to make your RBS credit payment online is that the way the system is set up, only one payment can be made on any given day.  This is why before you submit the payment, double check the card number, as well as the date and the amount being paid.  If a mistake was made and the dollar amount was too short, you could not make another payment online.  However, you could contact a company representative and have a second payment made over the phone.

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