Mothercare Credit Card Payment Online

While the name is unique, the credit card is considered the standard type of card although it comes with a number of benefits.  This particular credit card has a special meaning in that it is offered by Mothercare, one of the top providers of parenting and children’s products throughout the United Kingdom.  While this credit card can be used for traditional purchases, the goal is to encourage cardholders to buy products online pertaining to parenting and children.

As with other types of cards, you can make the Mothercare credit card payment online if you want, or the payment could be made by mail or in person.  The process is quick and easy, and because the Mothercare credit card payment online option is processed through a secure website, you never have to worry about your personal or financial information being stolen.

Of course, before you can make a Mothercare credit card payment online, you first need to qualify for the card.  For this, you would need to be a minimum of 18 years of age, you would need a 12-month history of living full-time within the United Kingdom, although UK Armed Forces are excluded from this, and you would need a bank account in the United Kingdom in good standing.

Ways To pay your Mothercare Credit Card Payment

You have 4 options form which to choose

  • Online – Register for Online Account Management and you can manage your account online, including making payments.
  • Post – send the payment slip attached to your Card statement along with a cheque payable to Santander Cards UK Limited to: Santander Cards UK Limited, PO Box 848, Liverpool, L71 2XX. Please allow 7 working days for the payment to credit your account and ensure that your account number is written on the reverse of your cheque.
  • Bank – call into any bank using the payment slip attached to your Card statement. Some banks charge a small handling fee.
  • Direct Debit – The no fuss, convenient way to pay. You will never need to worry about missing a payment, writing a cheque or queuing at a bank.

Other qualifications before you could make a Mothercare credit card payment online is to provide a phone number for the home, not have a Mothercare card already, have a valid email address, and be employed with proof of income.  In addition, you need a good credit report.  This means the report should be void of any judgments, bankruptcies, late payments, and loan defaults.

Sometimes, the Mothercare credit card is referred to as the Mothercard but regardless, the Annual Percentage Rate or APR is 19.9%.  Now, there are times when the APR would be as high as 24.9%, but this is rare.  In addition, if you use the card for balance transfers, you would enjoy 0% interest for the first six months but after the initial period, the rate would increase to 1.520% to 1.870%.  Then, for the first 56 days of being a new cardholder, you would not be charged interest on retail purchases made.

Once you receive approval, and after purchases were made, you could then go to the website to make the Mothercare credit card payment online.  While using this card, you would also receive a rewards point for every 1£ spent.  The money you spend can be on virtually anything and purchases could be made at local stores or through online sites.

Other benefits of the Mothercard includes receiving one reward point for every 2£ spent on items from the Mothercare store, no shipping charges on purchases of 100£ or more, whether made through the company catalogue or online, requests to attend various events organized specifically for cardholders, special partnership offers, and much more.  If you are a parent or you know of someone expecting or with a child, a gift from Mothercare would be ideal, especially when purchased using the Mothercare credit card.

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