Limited Credit Card Payment Online

The Limited is a highly popular and trendy store for clothes, not just for adults, but also for children.  The clothes are of the latest style and while a little more expensive that a few other similar stores, the quality is exceptional.  If you have a card for this company and you want to make a Limited credit card payment online, you can by going to the company’s homepage, 365 days a year.

Best of all, you can make a payment 24 hours a day, whatever time is convenient for you.  In fact, you can make a Limited credit card payment online during all the major holidays to include Christmas and New Years.  If you travel for business or simply run a busy household, having the flexibility to make the payment according to your schedule is a huge benefit.

Making a Limited Credit Card Payment Online

  • Now, if you want to have the opportunity to make a Limited credit card payment online, you will first need to make sure you have a checking account with a bank or credit union.  If you do, then visit the Limited’s website and following the instructions provided, you would need to give them your bank’s name, your name, the checking account information, and the routing number so an account could be established on the site for you to make payments.
  • With this type of information, the credit card account and the bank or credit union account can be synchronized.  That way, you can make the Limited credit card payment online but also use the system to look at purchase amounts, statements, fees, and other account information.  Keep in mind that you only need to provide your bank/credit union information once and after that, it is securely stored on the Limited’s site.
  • One very important note when providing any company bank or personal information, the website should always start with https://.  This shows that the website is secure and safe so the chance of any of the information being stolen is extremely unlikely.  Sadly, many criminals look for opportunities to steal people’s information and identity so it is your right and responsibility to check the site first so you know everything is secure.
  • Moving on to making a Limited credit card payment online, just as with other companies you will find that certain criteria must be met.  For starters, your bank account must be with a bank or credit union within the United States.  In addition, you can make your Limited credit card payment online on the exact date due.  While it can take one to two days for the money to fund the card account, as long as the payment is made on the due date it would be shown as being paid on time.  As a result, you would not be required to pay a late fee.
  • Another stipulation for having a Limited credit card and making a Limited credit card payment online is that when using the “pay today” service offered by this company, a fee is charged.  Therefore, you must add the fee to your standard account payment.  In other words, if you wanted to make a $100 payment on the credit card account and the fee charged for this service was $5, then the complete payment made by you would have to be $105.
  • If you were to only pay $100, forgetting to add the fee in and you were $5 short on the amount due, then you would be charged a late fee, which could be anywhere from $25 to $35.  While this service is beneficial, just be careful not to miss the fee when using it.

Limited Credit Card Cardholder Benefits

  • 15% off total initial purchase with The Limited Card
  • Free Hem Service – Take advantage of our complimentary hem service when you purchase regularly priced pants
  • Passbook of Savings – Filled with exclusive monthly offers worth over $75
  • Rewards Program – Receive a $15 gift card for every 300 points you earn with The Limited Card*
  • Birthday Gift – Celebrate with an exclusive discount valid during the month of your birthday each year that your card is active
  • Invitations to exclusive private events and seasonal previews
  • Select mail offers featuring exclusive cardholder discounts
  • No annual fee
  • Convenient minimum monthly payments


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