KTC Credit Card Payment Online

Before you can make a KTC credit card payment online, you first need to secure this type of card, which is from Krungthal Card PCL. This consumer finance company is owned by 48% by a bank called Krung Thai Bank.  This particular credit card was established more than 10 years by the bank during a time with other new businesses were being acquired.

Then in 2002, for the Thailand Stock Exchange, KTC was listed, which included the credit card portfolio.  What makes this so intriguing is that this bank actually has four different financial businesses.  For instance, there is the issuing business, which provides personal credit cards but also handles debt collection processes and makes it possible for you to make a KTC credit card payment online.

Then, there is the card acquiring business, which involves new members being sought after and the network of businesses being built stronger and stronger.  The third entity owned by KTC Thai Bank is the loan business.  For this, various loan facilities provide loans and collect on loans for people who already have a KTC credit card.  Finally, the services business is for card management, making it possible to make a KTC credit card payment online and other card services.

KTC Credit Card Choices

The other benefit of choosing a card from KTC is that you have a choice of three different cards.

  • The first is the standard card, which is a Visa premium card.
  • The second type is the brand card for KTC,
  • The third is the Affinity credit card.

No matter the one you need or want, the great thing is that you can still make a KTC credit card payment online.

However, each of these cards offered by KTC Thai Bank is unique.  For instance, if you were to choose the standard Visa, it would have no affiliations.  The downside to this is that the more affiliations a KTC credit card has the more benefits you would enjoy.  This is why the Affinity card is so popular.  With this, you could earn free travel on Thai Airlines, along with a number of other benefits.

If you think that a KTC credit card is for you and you do not live in Thailand, then certain criteria must be met.  For one thing, you would need to make a minimum of $1,241 a month USD, you would also need a work permit for Thailand, you would be required to live in that country for at least two years, and you would have to have copies of your bank statements or pay stubs for six months.  In addition, the company you work for would need to provide a letter of confirmation so you can send it in with the card application.

KTC Credit Card Benefits

In addition to being able to make a KTC credit card payment online, all of these cards are loaded with features that are hard to find.

  • For starters, the KTC credit cards have no annual fee, the APR is 20%
  •  The card provides special access and discounts,
  • These cards are set up with rewards and mile point systems.

While the KTC credit card is not for everyone, for those that do want and qualify for this card, it is well worth having

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