RBC Credit Card Payment Online

An RBC credit card is a worthwhile card to have on you at all times. When it comes time to pay your RBC credit card you can use the handy RBC credit card payment online facility. Besides paying your RBC credit card bill you can also pay an assortment of other bills. In fact there is a list of 6,000 bills to choose from at your disposal.

How To Make a RBC Credit Card Payment Online

To pay your bills online using this system you are presented with two choices.

  • You can use the “Transfer funds” option or you can use the “Pay bills” function.
  • If you decide to use the latter then you must register as a biller to use BankCard Services.
  • Before you decide which function you wish to use you must enroll in the Online Bill Pay Facility.
  • To do this you must visit the Online Self Enrollment service and register from there.

If you have already registered to use the RBC credit card payment online service but have not chosen to pay any bills yet then you should login to Online Banking and from there find the Self Service option and click on the link that reads “Enroll in Bill Pay.”

When it comes time to register as the biller or payee at BankCard Services you need to first go to the proper website.

Step by Step RBC Credit Card Payment Online

  • Find the area marked Online Banking and click on the “Sign In” button found on the left hand side of the screen. Look to the banking menu and choose the link for “Pay Bills & Transfer Funds.”
  • Then look to the Self Service menu. Click on the link that reads “Create/update payee list.”
  • From here choose the link for “Add a new payee.” Type the payee’s name into the box and from there click the Search button.
  • The payee might be Royal Bank or your insurance company or the company for one of your utilities.
  • The Search button will bring up a list of payees from which you can choose.
  • If you are for example, looking for the correct RBC credit card then search through all of the entries and then once you come upon the one you want click it on.
  • Then all you need to do is to type in the account number for the payee and click Continue from there.

It is important that you be as safe as you can be when using your RBC credit card as well as when you use the RBC credit card payment online service. Always look over all of your transactions and verify the charges that you see listed

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