ANZ First Visa CardFirst Visa Card Online Bill Payment

The ANZ Company offers a variety of credit cards for personal use, as well as small business and corporate use. Consider your needs before choosing which card to apply for. If you are looking for a card with a low annual fee then select the ANZ First Visa. This card has a low annual fee of only $30 a year. It also offers up to 44 days interest free credit on all purchases made on the card.

If you are looking for a card with a low interest rate then choose the ANZ Low Rate MasterCard. This card has a 13.24 percent p.a. low interest rate on all purchases made. It also offers a low introductory balance transfer of zero percent p.a. for the first six months after opening the account.

Choosing to use the ANZ credit card payment online system offers an effective, safe and convenient means of paying your credit card bill. This is the superior way to pay your bill because it eliminates many of the worries associated with mailing the payment or making it in person. What is so advantageous about the online service is that you can schedule your monthly payments. This takes away the concern over missed payments, late payments or any late charges.

Step-by-Step ANZ First Visa Card Online Bill Payment

If you decide to use the online system it is straightforward to set up. You can set up direct debit from a checking account that you nominate for the payments to come from. To start, go to the ANZ website . Once there select the “Credit cards and debit cards” option from the main menu on the screen. If you are new to the facility then you must got through the process of registering as a first time user before doing anything else.

For those who have used the system before click on “Existing ANZ cardholders” from the left hand side of the computer screen. A new page will appear in front of you. You then need to select the entry that reads “Make a payment on your card.” You will find this entry under the section labelled “How to.”

The next step in the process is to choose the first option in the new page that shows up. From there click on where you see the entry “CardPay direct application form.” You will see this in the drop-down menu. You are almost finished the initial procedure for using the ANZ First Visa card online bill payment service. A PDF page should open up on your screen for you. You will need to download this page, fill it out and send it into the ANZ credit card company.

Additional ANZ First Visa Card Features

ANZ First Visa Card offers the ability for current credit card holders to upgrade the benefits of their credit card at any time. for example, upgrading from  ANZ First Visa to ANZ platinum would include the following,

  • Annual Fee Waiveryour Annual Account Fee (Annual Fee) will be waived for the first year. That’s an annual saving of $87.
  • Overseas Travel and Medical Insuranceto provide you with peace of mind overseas, ANZ Platinum offers you Overseas Travel and Medical insurance at no extra cost for up to 6 months overseas.
  • Flexible payment options repay your travel related purchases in a way that suits you with a choice of flexible payment options at a discounted rate of interest.
  • Up to 55 Days Interest fee days credit on purchasesEnjoy up to 11 additional interest-free days on purchases compared to the ANZ First Visa.

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