Sears Credit Card Payment Online

When it is time to pay your Sears card don’t send a check or visit the store in person. Instead register for the Sears Credit Card Payment Online System because it will save you time and plenty of headaches. You can send your payment from your computer at home before you leave for work, or on your lunch hour from work or once you return home from work when you are preparing supper for your family.

Online payments are the easiest and the fastest way to pay your credit card bill. There is no hassle involved whatsoever! Regardless of what type of Sears credit card you have, you are allowed four free online payments a month. In 2003 Sears sold its credit card business to Citigroup. What this means is that while Sears still carries its own name, all online payments are made to Citibank as opposed to Sears.

How to make Sears Credit Card Payment Online

Before you can make a Sears credit card payment online you must register for online access with Citibank. Register with Citibank to pay your Sears card here . Once you do this then you will need to enter your Sears card information. This information includes your account number, your Social Security number, a three-digit security code, your billing zip code and your e-mail address. You then should click continue.

Follow the directions as given and fill in the information you are asked for. This will include such things as your mailing address, your billing address (if it is different from your mailing address) and your telephone number.

You then need to provide your banking information at the website. In the area specified type your checking account number and your bank routing number. If you don’t already know this information then go take a look at your checks. Both of these numbers will be displayed on the bottom left-hand corner of your checks. You need this information to set up your Sears credit card payment online.

The next screen will ask you for a username and a password. Choose a password that will be easy for you to remember but not easy enough for others to guess. It is best to choose a password that combines letters and numbers together, and /or symbols. All you need to do now is click finish and you are done. The access to your online account has now been activated. You can make a payment whenever you wish to.

When bill payment time rolls around simply go to the Citibank website, type in your username and password and select the make a payment button. From there you can complete your transaction.

Sears Credit Card Rewards and Benefits

being associated with the Citigroup, Sears credit card holders will be entitled to a number of benefits and rewards. Members will earn points for eligible purchases and can be redeemed for Sears gift cards, restaurant gift cards and the latest home accessories and electronics. Additionally travel discounts are offered.

The Account Care program gives card members peace of mind. once members are enrolled they are assured that their minimum monthly payment due will be paid in the event of job loss, disability, a leave of absence, or hospitalization up to $500. The Citigroup also offers identity theft solutions in the event you are the victim of identity theft. this program will help cardmembers identify compromised account, assist you in resolving the issue, work with the three major credit bureau reporting agencies, provide assistance in how to file law enforcement reports, monitor credit bureaus until your case is closed and offer follow-up support.

While the options are many with your Sears credit card, you can rest assured knowing that the Citigroup focuses on attention to detail and the needs of their customers.


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sears September 14, 2010 at 1:54 pm

I use it already for 2 years. Buy goods online etc

The sears credit card is best, especially the mastercard. :)

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