Home Trust Canada Credit Card Payment Online

Home Trust Canada credit cards are geared towards Canadian citizens who have faced credit problems in the past. Home Trust is a subsidiary of a public-listed and federally-regulated company known as Home Capital Group Inc.

Those who have suffered credit card difficulties in the past should apply for a Home Trust Secured Visa. Once you have been approved you can then learn more about the Home Trust Canada credit card payment online system and how to put it to the best use possible.

Home Trust Canada Credit Card Features

There are many excellent features connected to the Home Trust credit card. As long as you can provide a security deposit you are eligible to apply and be approved for a Home Trust card. The security deposit you provide can range from the minimum of $1,000 to the maximum of $10,000. The amount of your security deposit equals the amount of your credit limit. You can only spend up to the amount that you have put down as collateral on your credit card.

There is a monthly service fee for the person who is the primary applicant. This fee is $7.50. The monthly fee for a secondary card is $3.00.There is two percent interest on the security deposit. If you go beyond your credit limit then you are charged a fee of $29.00. The interest rate charged on cash advances and purchases made on the card are 24.99 percent. The minimum payment required on a monthly basis is $10 or three percent of the total balance (whichever happens to be higher).

How to Make a Home Trust Canada Credit Card Payment Online

The Home Trust Canada credit card payment online system is a way to simply and securely check out your account balance. You can also check how much credit you presently have as well as download your transaction history. It is also a method of viewing your current statement as well as your past statement. Putting this system to good use also makes it possible to receive customer e-mail alerts.

  • When you wish to log on to the Visa Online service at Home Trust visit the website.
  • Look to the right pane of the computer screen and click on the link that reads “Go to Visa Online.”
  • If you have not registered prior then there are steps you must take first before you can make your payment to Home Trust.
  • Click on the Enroll Here button to get you started.

In time once you have helped to re-establish your credit through the secured Home Trust card you may then be able to apply, and be approved for, an unsecured credit card. This process may be longer for some individuals than others.

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