Military Star Credit Card Payment Online

Once you register and follow the proper procedure you can start to make use of the Military Star credit card payment online service. The Military Star credit card is readily accepted at all service exchanges. Use it at all Coast Guard exchanges, as well as Marine Corps exchanges and AAFES exchanges. You can use it to make online purchase as well as catalog purchases. Saving money with this card is easy because the interest rate is low and there are no annual fees to think about. Another good thing about this card is that before you are charged a finance fee you are given a 25 day grace period.

If you wish to sign up for a Military Star credit card then there are two ways for you to do it.

  • You can visit an exchange customer service department in your area and show your military ID card.
  • The second option is to use the Military Star credit card payment online system which is both quick and easy to use.

Step to Make a Military Star Credit Card Payment Online

Once you start using your card on a regular basis you can easily make payments online.

  • Simply go to the official website, log in and then click on the “Member Services” tab. From there click “Payment Methods” and follow the instructions from there.

In order to do online account management of your Military Star credit card there are some things you need to know.

Firstly, when you are sent your monthly billing statement open it right away. Peruse the statement and compare all of your recent receipts to make sure that the charges made to your account are correct.

If you have any questions or find an error in regards to credits or charges then contact the Exchange Credit Call Center right away and talk to someone about your concerns.

Always save copies of all of your charges and receipts. This is very easy to do when you use the Military Star credit card payment online system.

If you make a move notify the Exchange Credit Card Center as soon as possible and provide them with your new address. Having an old and incorrect address on file will delay your statement from reaching you. In fact there may be a month or two when you do not receive a statement at all.

Always make your payments on time. If you run into a financial problem on any given month and you cannot make your payment on time then contact the Exchange Credit Call Center to make alternate arrangements (such as making the payment when you get paid again). Do not just let the payment due date pass by without doing anything.

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