Chase Card Payment, The Options

You have a Chase credit card and now it is time to make your first Chase card payment. The options for paying your card on a monthly basis are many. Here we look at what options are available to you. Choose the one that is most convenient for you. You might want to experiment with a few different options in order to find out which one suits you the best.

Making your payments in a timely fashion should always be of utmost importance. When it comes to Chase card payment, the options the most convenient and also the newest form of payment is to make it online. This is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to pay not only the Chase credit card but any number of bills.

To do this all you need to do is to gain access to the website. Once there you can register and create a username and password. It takes only a matter of a few short minutes to provide the necessary information to start your account. Once your account online is working you can add your checking account information and can pay your credit card bill whenever you want to. You can also view all of your latest transactions (as well as your past history of transactions). You can also request a credit limit if you so wish as well as add other accounts if you have more than one at Chase.

As far as Chase card payment, the options you can also visit a Chase Bank to pay your bill if you have one in your local area. In fact you can go to any of the Chase Banks or the Bank One branch offices to pay your Chase credit card. You do not have to have a deposit account at the bank in question in order to make a payment.

The U.S. postal mail service is another option that is still commonly used by Chase cardholders. You can write a check and drop it in the mail. If you choose this option then make sure you send the payment at least two weeks before the bill is due. The mail can be slow after all and therefore delays should be expected. They do not call it snail mail for no reason!

There are still other Chase card payment, the options that are available to you if none of these methods described above is feasible. You can use the Western Union Quick collect payment option. What you need to do in this case is your visit your local Western Union and send the payment that way. You will need a special code to do so.

Telephone payments are also acceptable. The Service Line for the Chase Bank is a 1-800 number that can be found on the website. Finally, another option is to send a wire transfer. To use this method you will need the appropriate account numbers that are connected to your location.

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