Virgin Card Payment Online

A Virgin card is a type of credit card that was launched by a company known as the Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and is distributed through Virgin Money. This credit card is available to customers in the United Kingdom as well as those in South Africa.

If it is your common practice to mail your payment in every month then it is time that you thought about simplifying and streamlining the process of paying. You do this by using the Virgin card payment online service. Many of the worries that come with mailing payments disappear when you start to make all of your credit card payments via the Internet!

The Virgin credit card is a low-cost card that has many benefits to it. When you transfer a balance from another credit card there is no interest on the transfer as well as any purchases you make for the first 16 months. After that period of time has elapsed the fee goes up to 2.98 percent. There is no annual fee for the card and the Virgin Company offers a 24 hour telephone helpline for its customers. The annual percentage rate (APR) is 16.6 percent. Besides the simple to use Virgin card payment online service, there is also an online account management facility for your convenience.

You are eligible to apply for a Virgin credit card if you live in the United Kingdom and are 18 years of age or older. You also need to presently have either a bank account or a building society account. Visit the secure Virgin website   to learn more about what awaits you when you apply for a credit card.

How To Make a Virgin Card Payment Online

Making the decision to pay your card by way of the Internet means that you free up more of your time and do not have to deal with the hassles that come from mailing a check (month after month after month!). To use the Virgin card payment online system is to make your life easier in this one regard.

The company’s online service is known as My Virgin Money. It allows you as the customer to manage your card in a way that is convenient for your life. It is a safe system to use and is also very easy to understand. Besides making your credit card payment this way every month, you can also transfer a balance online and view the summary of your account transactions. You can also visit your account online to request a credit limit and to update any of your personal information. setting up your credit card account online will require you to contact Virgin credit card in most cases.

Virgin Credit Card Benefits

Aside from 0% balance transfers on your Virgin credit card, and 0% interest on your credit card purchases for three months, Virgin credit cards boast an impressive array of member benefits. Those include 10% off on Virgin holidays, 10% off Virgin wines, and up to 20% off Virgin experiences. Virgin experiences offer those high-speed driving, spot days, flying lessons and bungee jumping at 20% off when you pay with your Virgin credit card. Your are not likely to find those kinds of discounts with any other credit card on the market.





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