Argos Mastercard Card Payment Online

The Argos Mastercard card payment online service makes for the fastest and most efficient method of paying your bill. For those always on the go or with jam packed schedules paying electronically is a very smart move to make.

The Argos Mastercard has many things to offer those looking for a credit card to suit their lifestyle needs. Every purchase you make with your Argos credit card gives you money back. When you visit an Argos store and use your credit card you get back two percent of the money you spent on your purchases. When you use this card anywhere other than an Argos store you earn one percent money back on the total amount of money you spent.

But that is not all. Besides the easy to use Argos Mastercard card payment online system there are many other benefits to being a card holder. From the date that your card is issued you pay zero interest on balance transfers done over the first nine months. You also pay zero interest (as previously mentioned) on all of the purchases you make at any Argos store for a period of the first six months. When you use your card at other locations you pay zero percent interest for the first three months. Once the introductory period of no interest has drawn to a close you will pay a variable annual percentage rate (APR) of 18.9 percent.

Making your payments through the efficient and very safe Argos Mastercard card payment online system will take away the concern over missing a payment or sending a payment by check that arrives late. Making payments will become as easy as you could ever dream they would be.

When you are approved for an Argos Mastercard you do not have to pay an annual fee. This is good news as many credit card companies do charge a yearly fee to their customers. Your minimum monthly repayment on your balance is three percent. However bear in mind that getting into the habit of paying off your credit card bill in full every month is always the best policy.

If you would like to apply for an Argos Mastercard then you need to get better acquainted with the eligibility criteria for the company. To apply you must be 18 years of age or older. You also must have a permanent address in the United Kingdom and a regular and steady stream of income. You also must have a good credit rating. If you are presently a student then you will not be approved for an Argos Mastercard. Wait until you have finished school and are working on a steady basis and then apply.

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