Abbey Credit Card Payment Online

Being able to pay bills online can make life simpler and faster. It can leave you time for other more important things such as your family and your “me” time. Who does not want that?  One perfect example of this is the effective and very secure Abbey credit card payment online system. Abbey makes online banking to its customers to provide them the convenience of doing their financial business from the comfort of their homes or offices.

By using this online service you can access your bank account (s) any time you want to. This means that if you cannot sleep at 3AM then you can check it. You can check it on Friday night, Sunday afternoon and on any holiday you want to. The online service is never closed.

Abbey Credit Card Payment Online Features

  • You can check your bank balance as well as peruse all of your most recent transactions online.
  • You can view as many or as few of your bank statements as possible and if need be, order a copy of your bank statements.
  • There is still more that is available for you to do at the Abbey credit card payment online system.
  • You can set up regular transfers of money, as well as modifying transfers or canceling them.
  • You can also move money between your Abbey bank accounts if you have more than one. If you wish to set up a bill payment schedule you can do this.
  • Bill paying will lose its annoying bite once you decide to start paying your bills online.
  • All of your bill payments can be viewed in this manner.
  • You can also change them and cancel them in this manner as well. If your account makes provisions for overdrafts then you can request an advance overdraft when you do online banking.

If you decide to make a move to online banking then the likelihood that you will return to banking in the traditional fashion is not very likely. When you use the Abbey credit card payment online service it may take up to five business days for the payment to be reflected in the account of the payee. If you make an online transaction before 5:30 PM on a weekday then it is considered to be a transaction for that day (or same day). However if you make the payment later in the day then the transaction will go through as a transaction for the next day. This is a fact you should keep in mind when you go to your online account to send a payment.

Abbey Credit Card Update

As you may be aware, MBNA has been providing the Abbey credit card since 2001. However, Abbey is now part of the Santander Group, and our relationship will shortly be coming to an end. This means we are going to replace your card with one that carries the MBNA name (see right).

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