SBI Credit Card Payment Online

The SBI Company extends to its customers the option to “see and pay” a selection of their bills such as their power bill, their phone bill and other credit card bills. This is a SBI credit card payment online option that takes place with the assistance of the e-PAY facility. By way of this system a customer can access his or her account 365 days of the year/ seven days a week. They can check their credit card account any time they wish to, whether they be at home or at work. You can also electronically verify that every one of your bills has been paid through the e-PAY system.

When you make use of the e-PAY service you can set up your bill payments to be taken out of your bank account at a future date. The payments will be put through on the dates you schedule them for and from there the money will be deposited in the billers’ accounts.

You can use the e-PAY system to set up the AutoPay instructions for all of your bills. You can also choose an upper limit for all of your bill payments. All of your bills that are lower then the limit given will automatically be put through the system when they come due.

Steps to make a SBI Credit Card Payment Online

  • Once you have registered with SBI credit card payment online you can go ahead and register a biller with the system.
  • It can take anywhere from seven to 20 days for the entire registration procedure to be concluded.
  • For all of your “view and pay bill” billers you will be sent an electronic bill within a time period of 31 days after registration.
  • You can use the e-PAY online system to pay electronic bills to these specific billers.
  • If you need cash on the go then the SBI credit card will not let you down. You are able to withdraw a cash advance from over one million MasterCard ATMs across the planet. If you are visiting India then you have as many as 18,000 ATMS at your disposal.

You can also use PayNet to make your payment

- Enter details of the SBI Card number ,e mail id and the amount you wish to pay.

- Click on Debit Cards  to make payment through SBI Debit Card or NetBanking & choose the bank account you wish to debit.

- You will be securely redirected to the bank payment interface of your chosen net banking option.

- Enter your net banking authentication details [user id/ password]

- Confirm your payment amount to SBI Card.Your account will get debited online.

- You will also receive an email acknowledgement of your transaction (if email id provided).

No matter where you are living, working or visiting, the SBI credit card online service will keep you informed and up-to-date about your account, 24 hours a day. You will receive SBI Card Alerts as well as e-statements. If you need to find out where the closest ATM is then the online system will be of benefit to you. The same is true if you need to view your account for any reason and/or if you need to manage your account

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