Malaysia Cards

Malaysia credit cards are good to have around if an emergency should arise or if you decide to do some traveling, be it for work or for time away from work to see your family. As of March 2009 the interest rate on credit cards in Malaysia was dropped from 15 percent by the Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) to 13.5 percent for tier one cardholders. This is good news for everyone who wishes to become a credit cardholder in the country of Malaysia.

Malaysia credit cards are broken down into three different categories. Each category caters to the diverse and different needs of the various income groups. These three categories include the classic card, the gold card and the platinum card.

Malaysia Credit Cards Options

  • Classic Card- This card is the card that is suitable for the average individual who has a regular income. It is also suitable for those who have credit ratings that are low.
  • Gold Card- This card is geared towards those individuals who have good income levels and/or credit ratings that are strong. Gold credit cards offer to their users a wide range of reward programs as well as adequate travel accident and inconvenience coverage.
  • Platinum Card- This card is suitable for those who are affluent and are earning above average incomes.

The platinum card is generally offered by special invitation only. These cards offer the crème de la crème service that is top notch in every way. For example, platinum cards provide for concierge services and also come with exclusive offers associated with premiere hotels, restaurants and airlines.

There are plenty of Malaysia credit cards that come with benefits and special features that are worth looking closer at. For example, students can apply for a student credit card in Malaysia. These cards are meant for college students and high school students. They come with low credit limits and less incentives than other cards. This is a good thing because it makes it possible for students to monitor their spending and keep a close check on it.

Co-branded credit cards in Malaysia are offered to interested and eligible cardholders by credit card issuers who have partnered with a variety of retail stores and service providers. Co-branded credit cards come with special discounts as well as exclusive offers on products related to the partnering brand.

Malaysia Credit Cards Choices

Malaysia credit cards that are reward cards are exactly as they sound- they offer rewards in a variety of different forms. Some rewards come in the form of money back, whereas others are airline mile points. Still others may take the form of shopping rewards or points that can be put towards payments and purchases. Many people appreciate the low APR (annual percentage rate) and balance transfer credit cards. These cards come with either a zero percent APR or a very low APR. They also can come with low interest rates on balance transfers. Take a look at these options for Malaysia Credit Cards ad consider all the differences carefully.

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