Citibank Malaysia Credit Card Payment Online

As a Citibank Malaysia cardholder you have come to expect top quality service. Your Citibank Malaysia card can be used to make any number of purchases over the Internet. If you like the convenience of the Citibank Malaysia credit card payment online service then it is no further away than your fingertips.

The online banking service that Citibank Malaysia offers its cardholders has its share of worthwhile benefits. One of the most obvious is that it is a free service provided as a courtesy to customers and it is a convenient way to pay not just your Citibank bill but all of your other bills as well. You do not even have to step outside of your front door or go anywhere in order to make sure your bills are paid. For example, beside your credit card bill you can also pay your utility bills, your telephone bill, your assessment taxes, any type of insurance you have, etc.

Making a Citibank Malaysia Credit Card Payment Online

To get started at the Citibank Malaysia online system you require a credit card through either Citibank or a credit card obtained through a different bank. To begin you would also need a copy of your credit card bill.

There are some key facts worth knowing about Citibank Malaysia credit card payment online.

  • When you make a payment online the transaction date is the date on which you made your payment according to the instructions found at the online service.
  • If a payment is made after 10pm at night then it is considered to be a transaction for the following day.
  • The posting date for a payment is contingent upon the bank that issues the credit card.
  • In most cases it is three days following the transaction day.
  • If an online banking payment request is made by a cardholder who has a credit card through a different bank then Citibank will require that the issuing bank approve the payment before anything else is done.
  • Once the approval comes through then an e-mail will be sent to the customer to let them know that the payment(s) will be put through to the payees.
  • This should take five business days or less.

Citibank Malaysia credit card payment online offers you a safe and secure way to perform your online banking transactions. It also gives you a larger modicum of control over how your bills get paid. It makes it possible for you to view your transactions and your payment history whenever you wish to. That means any time of the day or night. It also means that you can earn reward points whenever you use your Citibank card to pay any of your household bills.

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