Affin Bank Malaysia Credit Card Payment Online

If you need to make an Affin Bank Malaysia credit card payment online, you will discover the process to be quite simply.  However, before you would have authorization to make a transaction such as this, you would first need to go to the bank’s website and then follow the steps to register.

How to make a Affin Bank Malaysia Credit Card Payment Online

  • Once the registration process is complete, you could then process an Affin Bank Malaysia credit card payment online.
  • To register for the first time, click on the “First Time Logon” within the site itself.
  • Once inside, you would need to provide the 16-digit card number, which is printed on the front side of the credit card.
  • Along with that information, your online banking Personal Identification Number or PIN would also need to be provided.
  • Now, if you had registered your card at any ATM associated with Affin Bank, then you would have been given a T-PIN, which is a temporary Personal Identification Number.
  • If so, then when registering your credit card to make an Affin Bank Malaysia credit card payment online, you would use the T-PIN, which can then be changed once the registration process is done.  At that time, you can choose your own number.
  • After you enter the card and T-PIN or PIN, you would need to click on the “Activate” button.
  • This will take you to a page so you can create a username consisting of at least six digits, and a password, which would be comprised of a maximum of eight digits that are alpha and numeric.
  • When this information has been entered, you click on the “Confirm” button.

Immediately, a page will appear that lists all the Terms and Conditions for the website.  Although no one enjoys reading this information, it is full of valuable insight that you should know.  Therefore, we strongly recommend you print the Terms and Conditions off and then spend the required time to read them.  From there, you could accept them, which would allow you to move forward in the registration process so you can make an Affin Bank Malaysia credit card payment online.

The next page that will appear has three questions.  To proceed, you would be required to answer each.  These security questions and answers will be saved within the system so if you ever forget your username and/or password, you would simply answer the question and the information would be forwarded to your regular email address.

After the registration process is done, you would go back to the main page and again click on the “Login” button.  Using the username and password you chose, this would be entered.  Then, if you look on the navigation bar, you would see a place that says, “Payments”.  From the drop down menu, you would choose the Payee, which also has to be set up through the website.

Then, you choose the date you want the payment to go through and the dollar amount.  At this point, it is important for you to look at the information carefully so you have everything perfect.  Once you know the date and amount is correct for the Affin Bank Malaysia credit card payment online you want to make, you would click on the “Confirm” button.  Once that goes through, you have successfully made the payment.

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