Caisses Desjardins Payment Online

The Desjardins Group, located mostly in Quebec, Canada is considered the largest association of credit unions in North America. Among the services they offer through more than its 20 subsidiaries, are insurance, real estate and brokerage services. Because Desjardins is considered a cooperative, opening an account with them and becoming a member entitles you the right to vote at the annual caisse general meetings. Business owners can also enjoy competitive solutions that give them an edge in e-commerce by allowing them to sell products and services online and accept online credit card payments. You must be a resident of Canada to open a Desjardins account.

Make a Caisses Desjardins Payment Online

  • Desjardins account holders can also register for AccesD Internet Service for free.
  • Users will need to configure their security settings the first time they sign on by creating a personal phrase, memorizing a unique image, selecting and answering three security questions, as well as confirming the new settings.
  • This ensures that the user is logged in to the genuine AccesD site.
  • Subsequent attempts to log in to the AccesD Service will always be introduced by the personal phrase and image, thus verifying that the account holder is connected with the authentic AccesD website and confirming it is safe to enter their personal password.
  • Through AccesD users can also make a Caisses Desjardins payment online by choosing “Pay Bills” from the “Transactions/Operations” tab.
  • From that same menu, users can elect to “Manage your bill file” and click “Add” to select from a list of three thousand displayed organizations.
  • If you have a Desjardins Visa and are a caisse member, you should be able to see your statement through AccesD.
  • Using AccesD to make Caisses Desjardins payment online allows you to pay bills ahead of time by scheduling the amount, frequency and date of payment.
  • Those who have a Desjardins line of credit can also make principal only payments through AccesD Internet.
  • All transactions made through AccesD Internet are free of charge except for transfers and bill payments registered to bill file, which cost $0.65 unless you have a fixed rate plan. If you use ePost, you can receive, view and pay those bills all through AccesD.

Using AccesD to manage your Desjardins account is a safe and convenient way to remotely handle your transactions and oversee the activity. Desjardins does recommend you follow certain guidelines to maintain the integrity of the security they provide, such as downloading the most recent version of whatever internet browser you use, emptying that browser’s cache memory after every session, and having antivirus software installed and an active firewall in place on your personal computer. These simple precautions will ensure that your online banking remain private and secure during all of your Desjardins transactions.

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