BMO Credit Card Payment Online

If you have a BMO credit card then you are very fortunate because you can make use of the BMO credit card payment online service. By using the online banking services to make your monthly BMO payments you end the hassle and inconvenience of writing checks. You can also save time, energy and money in terms of buying envelopes and stamps. There is also no more walks or drives to the nearest mail box or post office. You can add billers to your account and delete them as required. A virtual payment made from your home computer can be made in minutes (or once you get used to it, seconds).

But that is only the start. You can use the epost service to receive your bills over the Internet. You can pay as many as three bills at the same time when you use the BMO credit card payment online system. There is also the option of setting up bills that are dated into the future. The beneficial side to this is that the concern over missing a payment deadline practically disappears.

How To Pay Your BMO Credit Card Payment Online

If you wish to pay your BMO credit card online, whether you have one or more than the process is relatively simple.

  • First, you must visit the BMO website.
  • Login to the section that deals with online banking.
  • Look to the menu bar and click on the menu for Bill Payments.
  • This is where you can list the billers you have.
  • This is also the section from which you set up payments to your billers.
  • Before you can pay a bill to a biller you must register the biller at the online site.
  • Look to the right pane of the computer screen where you will see a link for Add Biller.
  • Here is where you must add the names of all of the BMO credit cards that are in your name.
  • Once the biller’s information is added you then need to click on the button that reads “Pay Bills.”
  • If you have already gone ahead and registered your billers then look to the dropdown menu and choose the appropriate biller from the Pay To” section.
  • Your next order of business is to choose the bank account that you wish to pay a bill from.
  • Look to the dropdown “Pay From” menu for this. Type in the amount of money you wish to pay as well as the date for the payment.
  • In order to choose the payment date use the calendar icon featured at the website.

As previously mentioned, you can pay up to three bills at a time at this site. Here is where you specify the payment details for each one of your bills. Once you have done this then click the Continue button. You then must confirm the payment information you have provided at the BMO credit card payment online service and then click the button for “Confirm & Pay.”

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